Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer Review & Photos

Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer

Today I have the six Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer, which are limited edition, and they, like all Milani products, are certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program as cruelty free, as I reported before! Let’s get right to a review and photos of each of them, because you will not want to miss out on these gorgeous nail polishes!

 Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer

Keep reading for a review and photos of the Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer!

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GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial

GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial

I have written a few posts on dog products, but this is the first time I’ve reviewed an actual video featuring a dog. I’m glad that I no longer have my website with, as I find their upcoming Super Bowl commercial to be outrageously offensive on many levels. The way I view this GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial is that they are promoting people using their company to run a backyard breeding business.

godaddy superbowl commercial with dannica patrickImage of Danica Patrick from her FB Page

I will not get into an argument here about the “responsible breeder” that you bought your dog from. Yes, I’m sure they seem like nice people, but if the backyard breeder really wanted to help you find a dog, they would tell you about the many dogs currently in animal shelters. While some dogs are lucky enough to be at a no-kill animal shelter like my local non-profit BuddyDog, there are many more who are not so lucky, and are on the list to be euthanized. Apparently, GoDaddy and Danika do want you to go to a shelter and find a dog, but that’s only revealed if you click on a little link in the ad. I didn’t even notice that little link, and I still find the 2015 GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial to be just wrong.

Am I’m feeling so offended by the commercial because I’m a mom to dogs and humans? I don’t think so. I bet a lot of you, whether or not you have a furry animal in your life find this GoDaddy Superbowl commercial objectionable!

GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial

Here is the released GoDaddy Superbowl video below. Let me know what you think in the comments.

So, here’s what has happened since I wrote this post: VICTORY for 40,000 animal rights supporters. GoDaddy dropped an “offensive” Super Bowl puppy ad!

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Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser

Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser 

Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser Review is a guest post by my fellow blogger and friend, Nicki Zevola at FutureDerm

Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser

Sometimes things sound too good to be true. I know this title is full of them: “wrinkles,” “gone,” “sixty seconds;” “free,” and “guest post” (where’s Moxie?!) may have all raised the skepticism in you. I get that. So let me clear up some things.

First, I know Moxie from a beauty blogging group. So we are friends.

Secondly, Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser ($19.95, has ingredients like sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate, which are able to temporarily lift and fill fine lines and wrinkles. It provides a nice, smooth surface for foundation and other makeup as well. It will last for one day, and it leaves no residue.

 Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser

Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser

Lastly, I teamed up with AminoGenesis to bring you this giveaway absolutely free. If you are one of the first 250 to enter in the Rafflecopter widget below, I will send you an email asking for where to mail your product. If you are located in the U.S., you may enter. AminoGenesis will send you your product within two-three weeks, and they may send you an occasional newsletter via email, but they will not sell your email to anyone, or anything like that. And if you don’t want the newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time. That’s it!

For more on why Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser works so well, read on!

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Giveaway! Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser

Please be sure to read the Guest Post from Nicki Zevola where she gives a thorough review of Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser! Nicki has very generously included Moxie Reviews in her Giveaway. All the info. is below.

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Thank you! The first 250 to enter will receive a free full-size Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser ($19.50 value), including shipping and handling.

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SANTE Nail Polish Review & Photos

SANTE Nail Polish

SANTE Nail Polish, which is not only cruelty free, but also vegan and gluten free, was sent for review. Every Sante Nail Polish is identified by number, located on the bottom of each 7 mL clear glass bottle. I have No. 01: French Clear, No. 02: French White, No. 15: red, and No. 20, an aubergine black. Here is a photo of all of the available Sante Nail Polish:

sante nail polish

Sante Nail Polish

Sante Nail Polish is excellent! I’m not a nail blogger and all of the polish that was sent was easy to work with. They are all, as advertised, very rich in color and very shiny before even applying a top coat. The polish is quick to dry, and lasted several days without having any chips. Sante points out that while their nail polish is not water based, (it’s a solvent base), it is made without Dibutyl Pthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde, colophony (rosin), synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances.

Keep reading to see the swatches!

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