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I love tarte cosmetics, and the limited edition palette, neutralEYES volume 2, is recommended. Tarte cosmetics LipSurgence natural lip tint, emphasEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner and, their mascara: lights, camera, lashes. However, this is the first time that I have tried tarte cosmetics eyeshadows. I purchase: tarte cosmetics neutralEYES volume 2.  

tarte cosmetics

I started to  follow @tartecosmetics on Twitter because I loved the three products that I had tried. I had a funny exchange on Twitter that I would like to share with you; I received the permission of the person with whom I tweeted, and now consider a friend, to reprint our exchange.

Erin:  Does it make me a dork that I tivo’d @qvc to watch every @tartecosmetics segment? I can’t get enough of these products. I may need therapy

Moxie responded to Erin and @tartecometics and @qvc:  “No, and if it did, you would be among beautiful friends. Hugs!” 

Of course, Erin got another good laugh in with this:  @Moxiereviews  @tartecosmetic @qvc  “ha, ha, so true. Just think of how good our lashes would look if we sat around in group therapy.”
On a more serious note, I’ve since found out that in addition to our shared love of tarte mascara, we also share a passion of animal rescue. 
As is a requirement for being reviewed, the company must have cruelty free products, which tarte cosmetics does. Check out tarte cosmetics website and you will see that the Peta logo. 
peta logo
I purchased  the item that I will review through Sephora, but you may also purchase this and all their other products at the tarte cosmetics website. You will find at the website, the latest promotions and sales, and there is also the tarte cosmetics Blog.  Additionally, a store locator is on the website; just put in your zip code and find a store near you.
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Information about Maureen Kelly, creator/CEO of tarte cosmetics

Maureen’s favorite tarte cosmetics product is…smooth operator oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF20. “Being a busy working mom I love that I can condense 2 steps into 1 and moisturize while I get coverage at the same time.”


Maureen’s favorite item of clothing is…
“my flip flops. They remind me of weekends with my husband, baby and family at our beach house just hanging out barbecuing, swimming and soaking up the long days of summer.”
Maureen’s perfect day would be…

“spent outside—every single minute of it. It would start with a long walk along the beach with my sisters gossiping… competing against my husband, dad and brothers body surfing and playing with my two year old and six month old by the seashore. I’d finish it up with a clambake on the beach for all of the cousins and fall into bed exhausted and full of sweet dreams.”

Maureen wrote that the best present she’s ever received is…
“Hands down without question my sons. I do consider kids a gift since I know so many women who have had such a hard time conceiving. I try to remember that even when they are throwing food or hitting one of their cousins—haha.”

tarte cosmetics Limited Edition neutralEYES volume 2,

purchased at Sephora for $44.00 ($212 Value)
tarte cosmetics

tarte cosmetics compact is faux leather, with gold zippers, and an animal print. Inside the compact are 10 full size limited-edition neutral eyeshadows that are infused with Amazonian-clay. They are in a refillable eye palette. It works by having a magnetic base that allows the recyclable eyeshadow pans to pop out, so you can refill them with new eyeshadow! 

Included is a sample size of tarte cosmetics Lifted™ eye primer, which is a long-wear shadow base. The Firmitol™ complex in it is advertised as being able to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 51% in just 10 minutes. 
In addition, there is a FULL SIZE double-ended brush that unlike some “freebies” that are included in other cosmetic companies palettes, I found that the tarte cosmetics brush was able to help me to blend each of the 10 shades very smoothly.  I’m not a makeup artist, just a lover of healthy cosmetics, so finding good tools to help me, is essential.
Believe it or not, I’m not finished with what is also included. There is tarte cosmetics emphasEYES™aqua-gel eyeliner. The eyeliner is infused with vitamin E, cucumber, and aloe. I found that it did live up to it’s claim: it is intense, long-wearing and has pigment-rich color. Love it!
There is a laminated card that has instructions for a Day Look and a Night Look. The other side of the card has a picture of the kit with the eyeshadows labeled, as I did in the above picture of the palette. 
The palette is cruelty free, and formulated without: parabens, phthalates (endocrine disruptor), sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrance

Moxie loves tarte cosmetics neutralEYES volume 2 palette! 

tarte cosmetics

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  1. Edie Cochetti says:

    Hi Moxie! great review of this tarte product. thanks for giving my friend Tara a shout out!!

  2. I love those warm neutrals!! I generally wear similar shades, so I’ll probably love those 🙂 Love your review Moxie

  3. I feel so loved Moxie! I am loving your reviews and you keep me laughing! Thank you for being such a sweetie and I can’t wait to hear about your True Blood review!!

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