KuK Organics Chocominty Caramel Lip Balm Review

KuK Organics

KuK Organics, a no-calorie, lip balm! 

A full-size KuK Organics Caramel lip balm arrived in my mail, having won it. KuK Organics offers two lip balms, Kuk Lip Smoothie-Chocominty Caramel, which I received, and Luxuriously Creamy Chocolate Decadence, which I have not yet tried. Both are 100% organic, and even come with a funny warning: Do Not Eat!  

KuK OrganicsKuK Organics has a mission is to provide you with products that have not been tested on animals (as is a requirement for being reviewed here on my website), they are free from parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulphates and artificial colors and fragrances. 

To maintain quality and freshness, most of their products are handmade to order – with love.

KuK Organics is an eco friendly company, as they note on their website that they keep their packaging simple. They make an excellent point that, “a lot of big name brands in the market today spend a fortune on packaging. But what good does the packaging do for your skin?” KuK Organics goes on to write that they want customers to ask themselves “if the product is worth it…and is it safe?”

KuK Organics believes that whatever your skin problem is, nature has the answer, and their philosophy is that not only will they find a solution, but they will also do so without chemicals. 

At the KuK Organics Website:

in addition to the lip balms, you will be able to look at and order organic facial treatments, and their therapeutic signature oil blends. In addition, you can read their skin care tips, and about the ten synthetic ingredients to avoid. 

KuK Organics Chocominty Caramel Lip Balm uses all organic ingredients. It can be used simply as a balm, or as a lip base for a smooth application for your lip gloss or lipstick. Included in my KuK Organics lip balm package was an instruction sheet with directions to exfoliate and moisturize lips.

KuK Organics products can only be ordered online, but they do have a form on their website to contact KuK Organics, and a message will be send to the UK, where they are located.  

KuK Organics

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It’s always nice to win something, but it’s another thing to actually like what you’ve won, be excited about using it, and actually look into the company and realize you would like to try more of their products. That’s how I feel about KuK Organics.

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Disclosure: I won a free lip balm and then I offered to write a review because I loved it so much!

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  1. I’m such a chocoholic… I’d love this, plus they sound like a great company 🙂

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