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Good for you Girls is a skin care company that is cruelty free, of course, but also Vegan approved, and Gluten free. Plus, there are no parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and no phthalates. Simply written: all natural and organic.

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The biggest challenges for me as a blogger are not only to write posts that people want to read (having them leave a comment is “icing on the cake”) but, of utmost importance as a Mom, I must choose products to review that I believe are safe for my family, and yours! 

With that in mind, my next post is about products from Good for you Girls that I had such faith in, that not only am I going to test some of their organic and natural products, but one of my children, my daughter, is, as well. Sorry, I don’t mean to exclude the boys in the family, but this is marketed for girls only.

Good for you Girls advertises itself as, “The Natural Start to Healthy Skin.” It is formulated from the blends of organic extracts and natural botanicals. I was so impressed reading about the company and their products, that I contacted them and subsequently purchased the following: deodorant, body wash, blemish wash and moisturizer.

My tween daughter agreed to assist me in reviewing them. Her task: to try all of the above purchased products. My job: try the body wash and the moisturizer. We would take notes and I would write up the post with her assistance. A great mother and daughter learning experience.

 Good for you Girls Blemish Wash:

First product to review: the cleanser. Briefly, I would like to tell you why we chose one of the cleansers over the other since tthe company sells two types: the blemish wash, and the gel cleanser.

Good For You Girls is owned by Kim Grustas. I spoke on the phone with Kim, and she advised me that the most appropriate cleanser for my daughter would be the Blemish Wash. Why? Due to her occasional acne, and thus, some redness with her skin, The Blemish Wash would be a great product to try.

My daughter’s review: Great cleanser. The only thing that she and I discussed that needed mentioned is about the initial redness/flushed look, that my daughter experienced, so no one will panic after washing their face. The Blemish Wash has jojoba beads in it; those are for the “gentle” scrubbing away of excess oils and impurities. The Wash contains tropical fruit enzymes and extracts which fight bacteria. To soothe the skin and calm redness (when my daughter does have an acne breakout), organic calendula and chamomile are part of the formulation.

The smell of the wash is the Good for you Girls’ signature citrus scent, and that is created from 100% natural essential oils. 

**Added on April 16, 2012: A reader left a great question for me.  Here it is:  

“Thank you for taking time reviewing this product.  I’m using the Gel cleanser and couldn’t find the expiration date on the bottle. I know that natural product with no or little preservative will not last long and will eventually expire but there’s no clear information on when the product will be expired..  any advices would be greatly appreciated.”

I (Moxie) contacted Good for you Girls, and I not only received a quick response, but it also came from Grace Hvasta-Petrarca (the former Co-Founder and Owner of the company).  

“Hello, Moxie! There should be a stamp on the bottle which would read something like this…1F06 Manufactured June 2011.  Therefore the product is good until June 2013. Please let me know if you have any other questions!  Thanks, Grace”

Good for you Girls Moisturizer:

Next product tested: the moisturizer. Both my daughter and I loved this! It is, as advertised, light-weight, but thick enough so it doesn’t feel watery! We also liked the fact that it was shine-free. Neither one of us wanted a shiny face (we had a good laugh over that!) We both agreed that when we used the moisturizer, it very quickly absorbed in the skin.

good for you girlsThe beneficial botanicals that are in the moisturizer are: white, green and black tea, Vitamin B6, Flax, Rose Hip Oil, Boroge Oil, Calendula, Aloe and Chamomile. What exactly does that mean for you? The extracts and antioxidants feed your skin, while the essential fatty acids work to control excess oil production.

It’s also noncomedogenic, which means it doesn’t block pores. Bonus: it smells great!

Good for you Girls Body Wash:

Both mother and daughter agreed we liked the Body Wash. Once again, fabulous scent! It had a really nice, rich lather that we both commented made our skin feel, “soft.” I told my daughter she should take over writing my blog after this comment: “I really liked the Body Wash. It wasn’t watery, like some washes. It had a good consistency!”  

Good for you Girls Deodorant:

The final product: the Deodorant, which my daughter tested. No harmful chemicals or aluminum in this roll-on deodorant! My daughter liked the smell, as she does with all the “Good For You Girls” products. She said it was an orange scent. The deodorant was quick to dry and, my daughter was pleased to report, did not leave her sensitive skin with a rash. The product contains botanicals that are meant to be soothing and gentle to the skin.

Final Thoughts on Good for you Girls:

Good For You Girls wanted to produce effective, natural skincare that girls would enjoy using, because, as they point out, if she’s not going to use it, it won’t work! Simple, but makes sense, right?! 

My daughter and I highly recommend all the Good For You Girls products that we tested because: 

1. Natural ingredients that are not only safe for young skin, but also good!

2. Natural aromatics and organic essential oils smell fabulous!

3. Easy to use 

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. I purchased all of the products. All the links are for your convenience only.

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  1. This sounds like a super line! My GF is looking for something for her 13y old daughter…. I’m going to let her know about this! Thanks!!!

  2. I totally agree with you about wanting to post about products that you feel are okay for your kids, as well. I want to set a good example for Hayden, even while she’s not quite old enough for most beauty products.

    Oh, and I think comments are like the icing on the (cup)cake, too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment 🙂

    • moxiereview says:

      Hello! See, you made my day by leaving a comment! You’ve also made me hungry mentioning cupcakes! LOL! x Thank you for your very kind comment. It’s been quite an experience looking for products after I read the back of the labels. Once again, thank you, fellow blogger! x

  3. Hi Moxie, as a mum of a 13 year old I read your post with interest. She has super sensitive skin and I’m always careful about what I allow her to use. I love that this range covers products for the face and body and the deodorant is of particular interest as we only have a few brands in the UK that are completely natural. Jude xx

    • moxiereview says:

      Jude, thank you so much for your comment. Deodorant has been one of those things that has given us trouble. Both my daughter and I have sensitive skin, so that just adds to the difficulty! I know you’re planning a visit in December, but remember, I’m always happy to mail something to you to try! x

  4. Moxie, I have been looking for something for Lexie to use, and I think this is just what she needs. I checked out their list for store locations that carry it and there’s a few in the city we’ll be visiting family in next month, so I’ll be picking some up 🙂

    Thanks so much to you and your daughter for the review 🙂
    Brandi recently posted..Mummy Pops 🙂My Profile

    • Oh, thank you so much for that very sweet comment!! I really appreciate it. Also, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment so I can have the honor of testing out how well the newly installed comment “luv” works. x

  5. Hi Moxie, thanks for the review! I am going to go and pick up the deodorant today from Whole foods! The only thing you didn’t specify on the review is how long it lasts? I guess I will find out soon. I need it for my almost 7 year old.

    • Hi, Jade. Thank you so much for visiting! It’s funny, but, the reason I didn’t write how long the deodorant would last is this: my daughter loved it, and it lasted long after the review was posted. I wrote to Kimberly Grustas, co-founder of Good For You Girls, to confirm my answer. Here is her response: “I would say 5 to 6 months. I use it every day and it lasts forever.”

      Hope your daughter is happy with the deodorant, and thanks again for writing! x

  6. Thank you for taking time reviewing this product. I’m using the Gel cleanser and couldn’t find the expiration date on the bottle. I know that natural product with no or little preservative will not last long and will eventually expire but there’s no clear information on when the product will be expired.. any advices would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Chat

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