Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth about The Beauty Industry Review & Interview!

Lora Condon, AKA The Beauty Buster, has written her first book, Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth about the Beauty Industry. A little background about Lora before I write about her book. Since 1998 she has been a licensed Esthetician.

Lora is a  beauty consumer advocate, a motivational speaker and a consumer advocate.

Lora’s websites give you details about the many services she offers:

Makeupwithme and

Lora’s book is truly one of those laugh-out-loud, cringe-worthy reads. She writes the book as if she was really having a conversation with you, her best friend. All the stories she shares are true, which is where the cringe-worthy description comes into play for me. Want to know what really goes on in the treatment rooms? Lora will not only tell you the good, but she’ll also tell you her “horror stories” and “all the negatives.” This book will certainly open your eyes to the spa industry, and how she actually ended up there.

Telling her story about giving her first bikini wax to a client results in typical funny comments from Lora about her highly recommending “getting referrals from friends, co-workers, and family, before you trust someone with your privates!”

The question: “What we’re thinking about while we’re waxing someone’s bikini?” Read the book! There is quite a lot of information on…“grooming standards,” that Lora advises readers about. Trust me. She does not hold back on her descriptions!

The stories are funny and all the more so because, as Lora points out, “I can’t say I’ve gone about this career the most secure way, but it definitely has been the most adventurous.”

Chapters include, “Beauty Bullshit,” Yes, you read that correctly. “Common Complaints about Skin and How to Correct Them,” and “Common Complaints about Makeup and How to Correct Them.”

Lora, the book was published this year (2011,) but do you have enough Beauty and Spa horror stories collected from readers that you’re ready to write a sequel to the Book?

I’m working on that right now. I’m collecting stories from other beauty industry workers as well as clients. I think it’s only fair they rat us out as well!

Over the course of reading your funny book, I kept wondering if you made any enemies? Anyone write and threaten to sue? (Even though you’re telling the truth?)

No one has threatened to sue! Would they really want to admit it was them?!

Ha! You’re right…good point. I guess if someone gets called out for being written about in your book, they can claim you’re talking about someone else! Smile 

Lora, you wisely point out to readers that “All Natural isn’t always all natural, good or more effective.” Why do you think people continue to be, in your words, “fooled by the pretty advertising pictures and tales?”

Because people want to believe the fairy tale! People want to feel good about what they’re using and want to think their purchase is helping someone in a 3rd world country. On the contrary, they probably don’t know all their neighbors names! People still think tanning beds are safe and fast food isn’t that bad. Go figure!

You write, “Please stop with the free gift or gift with purchase gimmick…Are you that desperate for shit you don’t need?”

Well, Lora, so funny, so true. I guess people are…including, sometimes myself. What more do you want to say to straighten me out?

Well if it’s something you’re really going to use, then go ahead and buy it. Go into your closet and see how many cosmetic bags you have and how many mini lipsticks or sample creams you’ll never use. Maybe if you want to feel good give that gift to someone at a battered women’s shelter or Dress For Success charity.

You talk about the point of the Book being to be a “beauty consumer advocate.” Talk some about that term, please.

It’s irritating and insulting to me that companies KNOW they can put out any CRAP that doesn’t work and put it in a pretty box or bottle, make it smell good and women will buy it. It reminds me of the Hope In A Jar product. I know they were sitting around the conference table laughing and saying, “I bet if we take a basic cream and market it showing women how ignorant they are it will sell millions.” And it has! I was hoping that I could use a little humor to drive the point home that consumers have rights and if we don’t buy inferior products, they’ll stop making them.

Remember the collagen cream? When that first came out they told everyone that the cream would replace your collagen, darn well knowing that it was impossible. They made millions before the government finally had to step in and make it illegal to say that. The same goes for mascara ads that have fake lashes. Women really believe that their lashes will look like the ad. The power of a magazine ad, especially with a celebrity attached to it, will convince customers that the product is perfect and works. I really want people to wake up and take a little responsibility for what they spend their money on.

Well, no one will accuse you of holding back for this interview, Lora! In addition to your many talents, you’re a very funny lady!

Although the book can be crazy, funny and gross, there is a lot of serious information and I hope it helps people navigate through a lot of confusing information put forth by advertisers, companies and salespeople. I also hope people buy the products I recommended in the book since I have personally tested and used most of them for years on many different people.

Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry, is available now in both paperback, and hardcover, at Amazon.

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