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It’s unfortunate, but sometimes the little companies get overlooked simply because bigger companies have larger advertising budgets. I’d like you to consider one such small farm in Lynn, Massachusetts that creates all natural and organic skincare. Their philosophy is “with Your Good Health in Mind.”

I’d like to introduce you to Grace Farm Organics, located in Lynn, Massachusetts, where every one of their products is handcrafted in Massachusetts, and their ingredients are Organic, Sustainable and Fair Trade! Check their website and you will see that all of the products are very reasonably priced, and there is a flat-rate for shipping in the US.

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Grace Farm Organics is a family owned and operated business and one of the owners, Deb Scanlan, very generously sent several products for me to try. Their mission at Grace Farm Organics is:

“to create artisan soap, skin care, and household products using Organic and all Natural ingredients along with healing Herbs and Essential Oils. We will never use parabens, toxic preservatives or harsh chemicals in any of our products. If an ingredient is available in an Organic form, that is what we will use. We strive to honor the earth and give back more than we take.” 

In fact, one of the many things that I love about Grace Farm Organics is that they state,  “All of the ingredients are listed on our labels, if an ingredient is available as a Fair Trade Product and in an Organic form that is what we will use. You will never find petroleum by-products, Isopropyl, formaldehydes, sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, FD&C color pigments and any other ingredient that is suspected of causing harm to man or our environment.”

The first, pictured below, is the Gardener’s Working Hands Organic with Pumice and Apricot Kernel Meal.

Deb is a Certified Soapmaker, and I had envisioned showing a picture of my grubby hands gardening. However, there was a bizarre blizzard shortly before Halloween, and besides being without electricity for four days, that took care of planting any bulbs!

moxie dogs fall leaves

So, instead is the photo above, taken on November 29, 2011. This is actually a beautiful branch that fell after the storm!

Here’s how I got good and dirty and put the Gardener’s Working Hands soap to the test!


Don’t ever say Moxie is vain. With the exception of the stylish monkey hat, I’d say I’m pretty “down to earth.” No pun intended.

When I washed my hands with this soap, I could feel the pumice and the apricot seeds really working to get the dirt and grime off my hands. Even though I wear gloves when doing a task like this, my hands still get filthy! Excellent soap that really exfoliates and smells lovely!

Deb will remind you that there is a huge difference between her handcrafted soap and commercial soap bars. The soaps from Grace Farm Organics are an Olive Oil and Shea Butter base and they contain only vegetable oils. Watch out with commercial bars; they usually contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!

The next product I have been using is Grace Farm Organics’ Organic Shea Butter Skin Soothing Botanical Lotion.

This is not only a very soothing lotion, but it’s also, unscented! This Organic Lotion is infused with healing botanicals  Grace Farms Organics have taken organic extra virgin olive oil and triple infused it with organically grown local Comfrey, Calendula & St. Johns Wort. They have also added some Sea Buckthornberry Oil, Lavender and Helichrysm, and blended it all together with organic Sunflower Seed Oil and Nilotica Shea Butter. This is truly an outstanding Lotion!

Deb also sent one last product for me to test: Organic Shea Butter Lip Balm. Grace Farm Organics offers it in two types: Botanical Healing and Just Lip Balm. I was sent the Just Lip Balm, which may imply that it’s “ordinary,” so I would like to correct any thoughts you may have about that. The Just Lip Balm made my lips really super-smooth and moisturized. It’s no surprise, since here are the ingredients used to make the Lip Balm: a combination of organic shea butter, organic sweet almond oil, organic cocoa butter, and organic avocado oil; and then pulling it all together with organic bees wax. 

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