Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream with Vitamin P

Reviva Labs: Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream with Vitamin P is the second product that I received in a package from Reviva Labs. Here’s my previous post: Review of a Reviva Labs’ Product!  http://wp.me/p1Rkp9-K0  in which I recommended their Vitamin E Stick.

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I was very intrigued to try this Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream, which is advertised for all skin types.

Reviva Labs Day Cream

rosacea photoFirst, what are spider veins? Reviva Labs has provided a photo (above,) and a great explanation:

“Spider veins are capillaries that are dilated and expanded beyond their maximum elasticity causing thin, spidery red threads to appear on the skin surface. These dilated, fragile capillaries do not remove wastes and toxins as efficiently as healthy capillaries. That’s why you see redness and feel sensitivity.”

Why is there Vitamin P in the Day Cream?: The Vitamin P that is in the cream is able to strengthen capillaries, which helps to improve their elasticity and decongest the clogged ones. Vitamin P also helps to lighten Rosacea’s redness and it helps to stop further capillary damage.

Reviva Labs has gone one step further. Because these areas on your face are sensitive to the sun and need to be protected against the sun’s rays, there is also SPF #15 (UVA & UVB) in the cream. In addition, since the facial areas are sensitive to free radicals, there is a special form of Vitamin C for anti-free radical action. Soy and Wild Yam, and Grapeseed Extract are also in the Day Cream, and that is to improve one’s overall cellular function to help remove toxins and, in turn, combat the redness caused by capillaries being congested.

day cream

Taking the protective plastic cover off, you can see how rich the Cream is!

I asked Reviva Labs about the inclusion of simethicone. Here is their response:

“Simethicone helps skin feel very smooth.”

Easy to use! Directions: Apply the cream each morning and night on the spider veins or reddened areas; massage in lightly.

What did I notice? I used this every day for 2 weeks and it did indeed seem to improve the look of the spider veins. While my face doesn’t look like the example in the post photo, I was more concerned about protecting my face against future damage—which I’m sure I am by the fact that on windy/sunny days, my face didn’t turn red! (the SPF, no doubt, hard at work in the cream!)This Spider Vein/Rosacea Cream with Vitamin P is recommended, and please be sure that you do not mistakenly purchase the Vitamin K cream. While Vitamin K has minor benefits for spider veins, it is primarily for bruises. Here is the link to the reviewed product on the online store: http://www.revivalabs.com/newstore/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=22

Where to buy:

In addition to the website store, you can call the toll free number (800) 257-7774 extension #19, to speak with a Consumer Division Representative. The Rep. can help with the ordering process or answer any questions.

Various independent health food stores also carry a varying array of Reviva products.  The national chains that Reviva Labs’ products are sold in include GNC, Vitamin Shoppes, Whole Foods and Ulta Cosmetic Stores.

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  1. HI Moxie, I know this product is intended to be used on the face but do you know if it would work on the spider veins people sometimes get on their legs? Or do you have a cream you would recommend for those? I have a few on my thighs, so I was glad to see your review.


  2. Will it work for spider veins under eyes?

    • I would NOT put this on my face! I think that you should see a Dermatologist, or your Primary Care Physician to discuss spider veins on your face. I’m always extremely careful what I put on my face, and I wouldn’t take any chances. Thanks for asking and reading!! Take care! xo

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