A Cruelty free, Organic, Anti-Aging Skincare Creme

If you’re looking for a certified organic and cruelty free, anti-aging Day and Night Cream, read my review of  Naturelle d’Argan: Day & Night Youth Renaissance Cream  1.35 fl. oz. This is anti-wrinkle treatment has natural, active ingredients, to help to fight signs of aging. 

The ingredients are exactly what they claim to be, and are thus, Certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT

What does Certified Organic by Ecocert mean?

“Ecocert created and introduced the “Natural and organic cosmetics” standard in 2003. A cosmetic certified as organic by Ecocert must be labelled “Ecocert-certified ecological and/or organic cosmetic” and may display the Ecocert certification logo. Its criteria are among the most stringent on the market: At least 95% natural ingredients in the finished product.”

The Day and Night Crème is:

Paraben free

Phenoxyethanol Free

Silicone Free

Free from synthetic fragrance

GMO Free ingredients

Naturelle d’Argan specifically state that they are, “cruelty free.”

Ingredients: 10% Organic Argan Oil, Muscat Rose Oil, Hibiscus Extract, New Zealand Fern Extract, Oak Bark Extract, Lavender Flower Water.

Easy to use:

Apply to your cleansed skin in the morning, and at night. Apply to your face, neck and décolleté. 

The décolleté includes the neck area, and the skin on your upper chest and below the jaw. The décolleté is the most tender skin on the human body, and believe it or not, is the first area to wrinkle. Apparently, because most of us look more at our faces, we don’t notice it as soon! Since most people look more at their face, the décolleté often goes unnoticed.

Very nice applicator. It will not squirt all over when you squeeze the tube!

What did I like about the Day and Night Creme?

When I applied it to my skin, it was a very soft texture.

It was very quick to absorb, and was non-sticky.

The Creme did not leave my skin shiny.

It was very moisturizing, and it did look as though it plumped up my skin.

However, so you won’t rely on my subjective opinion, here are test results:

Moisturizing1 : 50%
The skin is nourished² : 75%
The skin is smoother² : 74%

1 – Moisturizing of the upper layers of epidermis – validated by corneometry tests 4 hours after application.
2 – % of satisfaction, consumer test carried out on 106 women aged between 35 and 45 years with normal to dry skin, after 28 days of twice-daily application.

The only objection that some may have to this Creme? There is a Sweet Orange Blossom powdery fragrance. That is not synthetic, it is the combination of the ingredients.

Disclosure: I received the product for review. There is one affiliate link. If you do not wish to order through that, simply put the website in your browser, and order on your own.

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