LUSH Cosmetics Join Forces to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals!

Great news! LUSH Cosmetics, The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International now have a global campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals.

“The beauty industry continues needless animal testing and it’s time for it to stop,” said Kate Willett, director of regulatory toxicology, risk assessment and alternatives for The HSUS. “Consumers are largely unaware that some shampoos and lipsticks still involve chemical poisoning of animals such as rabbits and mice. Science has moved us beyond this and there is no place for cosmetic testing on animals in modern society.”

Please, I ask you to show compassion to innocent animals and sign the national petitions! You can do this while you’re purchasing cruelty free products at your local LUSH stores,  online at

The following quotes are from the global campaign:

“U.S. law requires companies to assure that their products are safe, but does not require animal testing, since safety can be assured by using established, safe ingredients and available non-animal test methods. However, some companies continue to produce new cosmetic ingredients and test them on animals.

“Animals should not have to rely on voluntary codes of conduct but should be protected by robust laws that force all companies to adopt humane methods to bring their products to market,” said Brandi Halls, North American campaign manager for LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

LUSH, The HSUS and HSI believe that testing on animals to produce new cosmetic products or ingredients is unjustified. Animals are subjected to considerable pain and distress during toxicity tests. A large proportion of the animals used in cosmetic testing are laboratory-bred rodents, who receive no protection under the Animal Welfare Act.

Animal toxicity tests are also scientifically unreliable for assuring human safety because animals and humans can respond very differently to the same chemicals.”

Ban cosmetics testing in the USA!

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  1. YAY! Let’s end animal testing! It’s ridiculous that animals suffer to produce cosmetics that don’t do half of what they’re advertised to do anyway (my opinion).
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