WEN Hair Care System by Chaz Dean: A Complete Review

WEN Hair Care System by Chaz Dean

I’m very excited to show you that I received the whole WEN Hair Care System to review. Everything is cruelty free, and their slogan is: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Shampoo!” The WEN Hair Care System can be purchased at QVC. My previous review of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

Here’s a photo of what’s in the WEN Hair Care System:WEN Hair Care System

WEN Cleansing Conditioner– The one that I will review in today’s post is the Sweet Almond Mint. I reviewed the Cleansing Conditioner, Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner in a previous post.

Reminder from my last post, or for those who have never tried the WEN Hair Care System:

Due to the fact that there is no sodium laurel sulfate, or other damaging detergents, the WEN Conditioners will not lather; they create foam when mixed with water. I know that I was guilty of believing this in the past: if a shampoo has a lot of lather, it’s doing a great job! Not true. The amount of suds, or lather will not make for shinier, healthier hair. It’s the sodium laurel sulfate present in a shampoo that makes it lather!

Both scents/fragrances that I have now tested are just amazing. They really smell very natural, and I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t really love both of the scents.

Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment- Sweet Almond Mint

Styling Crème- Sweet Almond Mint

Texture Balm- Sweet Almond Mint

WEN Hair Care System Saw-Cut Shower Comb

WEN Hair Care System

Why I love the WEN Hair Care System Saw-Cut Comb:

I’m not writing about some a shoddy plastic comb, readers! This is a hand-finished, saw-cut comb. What’s so special about that? It’s “teeth” are designed so there is no damage to either your hair or your scalp when you’re using it. Brilliant! Further, this was designed specifically for use with the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to help make sure that you’ve evenly distributed the product. At the end of your shower, the wide-tooth side can be used to help rinse the WEN from your hair. The fine-tooth side is incredibly relaxing to run through my hair—wonderful scalp massage.

WEN Hair Care Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment

I used the saw-cut shower comb to make sure the product was evenly applied throughout my hair. I left it on for the (advised minimum) of thirty minutes, and then rinsed. This is one of those products that I am able to write: I know it worked immediately after following the treatment directions. How? I could see and feel a difference.

WEN Hair Care System

Why didn’t I leave it on longer?

Because on the day I tested this, it was chilly! I had to step outside the shower to sit down (no bench in the shower) and, the weather is not exactly balmy yet: I live in the Northeast (USA). That’s the only downside (and I really had to think about something that you readers might have an objection about).

Once again, the smell is great, and this will last for a long time. WEN suggests that you use it “once every 6 weeks, before and after any chemical treatment or when hair has been stressed.”

WEN Hair Care Styling Crème

Easy to use, and not a lot of product is needed–directions will depend on your hair length and texture. This product was successful as advertised, in that whether I let my hair dry naturally or I used my blow dryer, it looked great and smelled fantastic!

WEN Hair Care Texture Balm

WEN Hair Care System

All that’s needed to do is smooth the balm approximately six to eight times to the palms of your hands (approximately 6-8 times).

WEN Hair Care SystemRub your hands together and apply to your dry hair. It’s easy to use, and, as claims, creates, “definition, separation and texture!” Of course, it smells terrific!

Tips from WEN Hair Care System:

Do not abrasively dry your head with a towel as this will stress the hair and cause it to frizz.

You can cleanse daily but when used properly you should only have to cleanse every 2-3 days. The 16 oz size should last you between 4-6 weeks.

Sleep on it! Apply WEN Cleansing Conditioner to wet hair before bed as a hydrating overnight treatment. Cover hair with a shower cap. In your morning shower rinse well, and you’ll begin the day with shiny, silky hair!

Try to avoid using heated styling tools, like flat irons and curling irons. They can dry out, damage, and burn your hair causing breakage.

To help avoid breakage and to keep hair from burning always keep your blow dryer moving – never holding it on one spot – and use the concentrator nozzle that comes with your blow dryer.

Avoid metal and aluminum-based brushes when blow-drying as they get very hot and can singe hair or cause breakage.

If your hair is oily or fine try the Cucumber Aloe or Lavender formulas. They won’t weigh your hair down and with continual use it will add more volume and body.

WEN isn’t like an ordinary shampoo so you want to use more of it, not less. You can never use too much! The more you use, the better the results.

Disclosure: The Hair Care System was provided for review. All links are for your convenience only. I also have continued to buy WEN. Thought I’d show you some of my empties:

WEN Hair Care System

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  1. Rebecca Kelsey says:

    I would love to have seen how your hair looked! That comb looks great. I’ve used Wen in the past and enjoyed it but didn’t see as much of a difference as I hoped. I’m going to finish up my current shampoos and conditioners (it is taking me forever to get rid of all the junk i’ve purchased) so I can try Wen again and compare it to the generic Hair One.
    Rebecca Kelsey recently posted..This Week on the Rebecca & Chris Show #11: Dancing in the RainMy Profile

    • The reason I didn’t post a picture was this–it would be unfair and not truthful to readers to misrepresent something that I personally did not experience. My hair is/was in great condition before I started to use WEN, so I could not show you (everyone else) a before and after picture. I’ve seen the infomercials and Chaz Dean on QVC, and they have super before and after photos and people with their super hair. Fortunately, I have not done damage to my hair that I have such a dramatic story. Hope that explanation helps.

      Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions or comments. I really appreciate the feedback, so thank you!! xo

  2. I heard mixed reviews on these products and of all beauty products it is hair care that I am totally addicted to. I will take your review as truth as you always steer me in the right direction. With tight curly thick hair, WEN may be a nice treat for summer tresses! Thanks 🙂

    • Lori, thank you for your tweet, and for leaving a comment on my blog. I always write what I can think of that would bother anyone–myself included. If there is a problem with WEN it is 100% guaranteed–minus the shipping charge, I believe that’s in the fine print. The reason that I accepted the offers to review the WEN products (I’ve reviewed them twice now) is because I had heard from so many people about how great their products are.

      By the way, I am under no obligation to write a review/post when I accept a product for review.

      Let me know if you have a specific question about something you’re concerned about, and I will try to help. You can tweet to me, send a DM (since we’re following each other) or leave a message — see the “Contact Moxie,” on the top of my blog. xo

  3. Oooh! Would love to try this!!!! I have such frizzy hair, even with natural products.
    RumpyDog! recently posted..Let Sleeping Dogs LieMy Profile

  4. tinafreysd says:

    Sounds like interesting to try..Thanks for the info..
    tinafreysd recently posted..Homemade Face Mask for AcneMy Profile

  5. Very nice review, I love details :). I would probably really like the Cucumber Aloe or Lavender formulas for my oily hair. Love the tips and seriously wish I didn’t have to use a blowdryer and flatiron on my hair every day but it’s just so thick and unruly without both. Luckily, my hair is short so the time exposed to heat is VERY minimal!
    Tina B recently posted..Exciting News, Giveaway, Adorable Photos!My Profile

  6. Excellent post. Love the site!

  7. my own concern is that my hair is thin and falling any time i look at my hair iam not happy , right now i cut my hair very low like men hair using wigs any time i want to go out i met a lady in a saloon d day i cut my hair she told me to try your WEN pr0duct that i will get my hair back. But all i have read on WEN is tick hair being soft, but what i want is to grow my hair and make it thick and give volume. if u can recomend that i will be glad. pls send reply to my mail tnks lizzy

    • Since I don’t know that your hair stylist recommended the product (you wrote that you met a lady who suggested it)…I would be reluctant to give you advice on this. I’m not a hair stylist, just a person who has found success using WEN products. However, if you order WEN through QVC, as I have, they do have a money back guarantee. You have to pay to ship it back, though. Also, have you asked your primary care doctor about your hair falling out. Is there a medical reason? Perhaps they could recommend a specialist to discuss this with you.

      I hope I’ve helped!!! x

  8. Sayyida Ali says:

    I’m thinking about using WEN. I was given just the conditioner by a friend. So I was wondering, is it okay to use just the conditioner? or should I just buy the whole kit?

    • Yes! Definitely try just the Cleansing Conditioner! You can always add the other components of the WEN hair care system, but it’s not necessary. Hope you like it!!

  9. Is it true that if you don’t order from amazon, but directly from the infomercial, do you get some sort of extra bill? People say it’s safe to order it from amazon, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not…

  10. I am a 32 year old Afro-American with a type 4 hair. the product does Not work well on my hair. It detangles but not enough moisture for my dry hair type. When i returned the product they give me an absolute run-around. They have a different story each time I call. Not sure I will get my refund.

    Most truly one unhappy ex-customer!

    • Did you purchase it through the infomercial? That’s really awful. I’m sorry. I have bought through QVC– and now Sephora has it. It is doesn’t work for you, you should have your money refunded. Period. I really hope that you get your money back.

  11. I just started using WEN and I’ve only used it once so far and it great and smells great!

  12. This was very helpful to me. I also love this shampoo and was wondering what you thought! Thanks.

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