LAID Brand Haircare Products

Want to try a terrific, cruelty free hair care line that also has a sense of humor?

Look no further than the company that sent samples of three of their products to review…LAID Brand Haircare Products

“Shady Girl shampoo is perfectly safe for your mom; although you may want to keep an eye on her.”

Shady Girl Conditioner is, “clean, refreshing, uplifting, energizing and has an INTENSE cooling effect not for the faint of heart.”

“If LAID BRAND made this oil any lighter, the bottles would float away,” They’re describing Mo Rockin’ Oil.

All joking aside, LAID is a professional hair care line developed by celebrity hair stylist David L. Hensley. David comes from a family of artists and stylists. His fifteen years in the haircare industry, treating each client’s cut, style, and procedure as a work of art, is the spirit and inspiration behind the LAID brand. David saw a gap in the professional haircare product marketplace and wanted to create a brand that “conveyed and delivered the lifestyle of passion, artistic expression, creativity and confidence.”

(Photo of David L. Hensley above)

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I asked one of the LAID co-founder’s, Derek, “What is the origin behind the LAID Haircare name?”

The origins of our name are actually inspired by a single product, LAID Pomade. It was the first product David and Adam (now a co-founder and CEO of LAID) created prior to the formation of LAID brand.  It was meant to be sexy, primarily for Men, and it had very limited appeal, especially with women (David’s Primary Client Base). The name, however, did resonate with the consumers we were trying to attract. It turned some people off, but that was ok, because they probably won’t get it for a while, but early adapters, trend setters, and people with confidence did get it. It was this feedback that encouraged us to keep the name. Often times, brands have to be overly sexual in their branding and imagery to communicate how their consumer “should” feel about the brand.  This allows us to be unexpectedly focused on creating pieces of art with our imagery and convey confidence brought out by our model, rockstar, athlete, and artist models.”

How is LAID brand different from other celebrity haircare brands?

“LAID Brand Professional Hair Care is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Yes, we have something nobody else has (Pherottraction technology), and our formula’s are second to none, but our essence is rooted in the artful expression of our imagery which embodies our core consumers. Quite simply, we describe the lifestyle as where the model meets rock star, and where the athlete meets artists. Our lifestyle is provocative, unexpected, and empowering. David is this lifestyle. He lives it and breathes it every day, and that is something nobody else can replicate.”

The three LAID Brand products are without harmful ingredients, are paraben and sulfate free, and have Pherottraction™. The pheromone-enhanced products are to “increase your natural appeal.”  

Does LAID have scientific proof that Pherottraction works? 

Derek responds:

“Complex pheromone blend that is Pherottraction, has been tested and validated by 3rd party academic institutions. Disclosing the exact references would reveal some trade secrets, however, our FAQ page on our website articulates how synthetic pheromones work.”

LAID’s shampoo, Shady Girl, is advertised as being able to “eliminate build-up and controls frizz, without stripping color, while adding strength, smoothness, and shine.” It has added SPF to protect your hair from fading in the sun’s rays, smells great, and has really super lather, despite being sulfate free! My only issue is with the pump. It was difficult to get shampoo to dispense, so I found myself simply taking the pump out of the container and not using it. No big deal. That’s the only “con” I have, as I love the shampoo and would highly recommend it.

The conditioner, like the shampoo, smells great! It has coconut oil, avocado, and olive oil. The formula is nice and thick and rich and, unlike the shampoo, I had no difficulty with this pump. 

Derek helped me to describe the wonderful fragrances of the shampoo and conditioner. 

“For the shampoo, we wanted to emulate the fragrance of a cocoa butter after it has been applied to skin. Once applied fragrance becomes a bit sweeter, which was difficult to do however, our fragrance house was able to achieve it.

The conditioner is the same fragrance with the addition of menthol to provide an intense cooling sensation on the scalp which also acts as a great delivery system for the pheromones. The conditioner gives amazing self-effects to the user while showering.”

Mo Rockin’ Oil does exactly as advertised: “conditions, controls frizz, and creates shine.” Terrific!

There’s no question this is a quality hair care line, but what about the Pherottraction? My husband loved the smell. Did I have other men telling me I smelled good? Uh-no. Perhaps it’s because I’m not giving off any I’m “available” vibes. I’ll let the single readers be the judge of that when they try the products.

My hair did look and feel “PHEROfabulous,” so I most definitely recommend the Laid Brand hair care line.

DIsclosure: Three products provided for review. All links are for your convenience only.

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