MakeupMedic Cracked Compact Fix-It Kit Review

The MakeupMedic Cracked Compact Fix-It Kit

MakeupMedic Cracked Compact Fix-it Kit is for when you need to fix your broken makeup. If there is anyone out there that has one or more broken, cracked, or shattered pressed powder makeup (in a compact), then you will want to keep reading to find out how easy it is to fix with this Kit.

What is the MakeupMedic Cracked Compact Fix-It Kit?

The Cracked Compact Fit-it Kit is compact, which enables you to take it with you, or keep in a drawer, to easily repair broken a pressed powder, a blush, a bronzer, (check the website for those specific compacts). The MakeupMedic aims to help you avoid the frustration and expense, of having to purchasing a replacement for the broken product.


MakeupMedic Inside:

Here is what is inside the zippered, vinyl carrying case:


The Pressing Tool is what you will use to easily press your broken powder back into place. It is reusable, and all that is necessary for a lifetime of use is soap and water to keep it clean.

Another component is the pressing swatch. The Kit contains three swatches that are made to fit the Pressing Tool. It will amazingly recreate the just-like-new finish on your powder. Refills for the swatches are available on the website.

The last piece that is contained in the Kit is the dropper bottle. This dropper bottle is what you will use to fill with 70% (or higher) isopropyl alcohol. Please note that the isopropyl alcohol is the only thing that is not included. The dropper bottle is used to put tiny drops of the isopropyl alcohol, which you will evenly distribute on your cracked cosmetic product to fix it. This, can be used over and over again. Simply refill with more isopropyl alcohol each time you need to fix a broken product.

isopropyl alcohol

The specific instructions are included, (that’s the card shown in the photo), so there’s no need for me to write them here.

Ready to see the three simple, quick steps?

MakeupMedic Steps

Here’s the compact before:


Here’s the compact after using MakeupMedic:


MakeupMedic Cracked Compact Fix-It Kit is a terrific product, and  the only con is that right now, the Pressing Tool in the Cracked Compact Kit is just one size. However, there are plans to add more sizes soon (see the interview below with the Founder/Inventor).

 Noralinda Ureste, Creator and Founder of the MakeupMedic

Noralinda is the Founder of MakeupMedic Products, and the Creator of the Cracked Compact Fix-it Kit. She kindly agreed to answer some questions I had about her new company and her first product. 


How many compacts did you break before your idea for MakeupMedic Products?

I can’t tell you how many compacts, eye shadows, bronzers, I have broken. Too many in my lifetime to count. I actually just dropped one of my eye shadow trios yesterday, and broke one pan. Grrr! An eye shadow fix-it kit is certainly next in our product development roadmap.

What were the alternatives you found before you created the Cracked Compact Fix-it Kit?

Before I had even thought about creating the kit, I had seen many tutorials using a glass, or spoons, t-shirts, paper towels, etc. (you know the ones I’m talking about). And while all those methods work well, there was really nothing out there that had everything needed to repair a broken compact in one spot… like a kit of some sort that could be stored in your makeup drawer(s). As far as actual products, there are some professional products out there, but they are pretty pricey for a girl who is looking to save money, rather than spend it.

Did you show any friends before you had a finished product?

Definitely. First, I told a few about my idea. And then, as I was exploring each component of the kit, I would show them what I was working on and ask for feedback. And actually, one my closest friends helped me pick out the carrying case. 

How many tries did it take you to develop this fix-it kit, before bringing the Cracked Compact Fix-it Kit to production?

It took a few months of trial and error. The design of the pressing tool was the most important. I tried several different handle designs and disc widths and materials. I even tried different textures on the pressing tool and explored the possibility of eliminating the pressing swatch from the kit. But in the end, to get a polished finish on your pressed powder, a pressing swatch does the best job. When I was looking for the perfect material for pressing swatch, I tried so many, and found the best to be one included in our kit today. So, it took quite a bit of trial and error. Even the carrying case and dropper bottle, took a quite a bit of evaluation. I still feel it’s a work in progress, as I am certainly not opposed to tweeking the kit, based on feedback we get from our customers. It’s such a new product on the market, customer feedback is like gold to me – I am so eager to hear what they like or don’t like about our kit. 

I have the link for readers to check if their broken compact is compatible. However, when do you anticipate that other sizes of the pressing tool will available to use with your Kit?

This Spring. I am working on developing a new fix-it kit for eye shadows (and not just because I broke my eye shadow trio yesterday). It will include 3-4 different pressing tool sizes and pressing swatches sized for eye shadows. It’s call the Shattered Shadows Fix-it Kit.  Also, in the summer, I am considering some limited quantity special edition pressing tools in some new fun colors, or with patterns for embossing your pressed powder. Stay tuned!


MakeupMedic  on Twitter and if you “like” MakeupMedic on Facebook, you will see the special code to use to receive 20% off your first purchase!

Disclosure: I received the product for review. All links are for your convenience only.

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  1. This is so smart & will be great with more sizes. 🙂

  2. Catherine says:

    This looks great! I’ve always done this myself with my cracked makeup but I think it’d be worth the money to have a ready-to-use kit always on hand

  3. I’m intrigued! I may have to try that next time I drop a compact 🙂

  4. I have used a version of this method for my shadows. I like to really crush them up to an almost loose pigment texture using the end ofa brush handle. I use a higher concentration of alcohol (90% or more) and my pressing tool is a coin. Usually a quarter depending on the size of the palette. I take an old white this tshirt and press the tshirt against the powder using the coin so it gives it a cool pattern! Works like a charm!

  5. MarciaF (beauty info zone) says:

    I’ve got a new eyeshadow that I can’t use because it broke yet I can’t bear to toss it. Now I may not have to. Very cool product!

  6. RumpyDog! says:

    Oh! This cracked me up! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seriously though, this is a great idea. Nothing worse than to mess up a perfectly good compact because it broke up.

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