Drew Barrymore Flower Cosmetics Line at Walmart

Drew Barrymore Flower Cosmetics!

Drew Barrymore is a new Mom, Actress, Producer, and Director. Drew can now add the fact that she has her own cosmetics line called Flower. While Flower is being called a “premium” line, everything will be priced between $5 and $13.98. Flower will have lip, eye, face and nail products, and I can’t wait to get to Walmart to see everything is being offered at this time.
Flower has supplied this quote: “FLOWER is proudly made in the USA and never tested on animals.
Flower is available at Walmart stores and online, throughout the US.  However, before you make the trip to a Walmart store, you may want to call ahead. I went to a local Walmart this morning, and they did not yet have any products available. I was hoping to not only purchase products, but snap some photos to share with you of the display.
Although I didn’t arrive home with products, or even a photo, at least I was able to have a cup of coffee and enjoy reading my copy of the New York Times article,  From Celebrity to Entrepreneur.
Drew Barrymore
The first Celebrity mentioned in the article is, of course, Drew! Here’s some of what was in the paper:

“…If your eyes are already rolling at the latest celebrity makeup promotion, so too were Ms. Barrymore’s famous hazel peepers.”

“I hate it when it’s just a name on that, or they weren’t involved in every aspect or I didn’t know they even liked that or even cared,” she said. “Things are so personal to me; I work on them infinite percent.”

To demonstrate her commitment, Ms. Barrymore said she has hit “pause” on just about everything else in her career, including her production company, Flower Films. This is partly because she is a new mother (to Olive, 4 months old), but also because she is focusing on what she said was a longtime passion.

“I have been in the makeup chair since I was 6 years old,” said the actress….”

Drew Barrymore Flower Cosmetics

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose.

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  1. Tina @ My Highest Self says:

    I purchased a few items from Walmart.com this week and they arrived in a flash! I could not wait to find them in store. I’m wearing them right now and of course I am in LOVE. Drew did not let us down :).

  2. RumpyDog! says:

    Are these products cruelty-free?

  3. Can’t wait to see people review these. They look great. I toured and had a meeting at MAESA group, the manufacturer, and they’re a great brand. I hope to try some myself too!

  4. Polarbelle says:

    It sounds like a good idea to mail order. I’m tempted to brave the crowds and parking at the local Wal Marts tomorrow, but it takes a lot for me to do that, lol. I bet they’re not in my town yet, but I’m so curious.

  5. Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog says:

    I purchased a few items and they should get here tomorrow. I am really excited to try them out as I’ve heard some good things about them.

  6. Catherine says:

    Oh wow, I really really love the soft gold and white color scheme of the packaging. I can’t wait to see the products and I am soo glad that this will be an affordable line!

  7. Lolaloveee says:

    I’m really happy she made this clean #cruelty free.

  8. I too posted about the launch but I’m so disappointed! I tweeted them 2x about future availability in Canada, no response & no follow back. 🙁

  9. They don’t have this in the Walmart closest to me yet either. A few of the bloggers that went to the launch event with Drew (can you imagine!) told me they are 100% impressed with the products and quality. I can’t wait to try it!

    • If they don’t have it in the Walmart closest to YOU, then there is no hope for me!! LOL!!! That would have been quite the event to attend. Looking forward to finally trying it!! xo

  10. Heather USA (@aitch77) says:

    I (secretly lol) swatched some of the lipsticks and glosses, they had a REALLY nice formula, I’m excited about this brand.

  11. Is it a available in Canada?

  12. Is the Flower product line gluten free?

    • I do not believe so. I still have not been able to get it in my local Walmart, so I don’t have a label to look at, but if it was, I’m sure they would have mentioned that when Flower launched.

  13. I’m so disappointed that Drew has chosen Walmart as the only store to exclusively sell her new make up line. Some people, including me, hate Walmart and what they stand for. I will not set foot into any Walmart store, therefore, it looks like I will never get to try Drew’s products. Very disappointed!

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever read why Flower is exclusive to Walmart. Good question. Perhaps if the line does well she will put Flower in other stores. Thank you for leaving a comment!!

  14. I am one of the many women in Canada who is frustrated that this line is not available for shipment to Canada. Guess we will just have wait for someone to start selling them on eBay…

  15. Can’t wait to try this line! I’ve heard good things about the eyeliners. Hopefully it shows up in my local store very soon.

  16. Love your eyeshadow swatches for Drew’s line. Thank you so much!!!!!

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