Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Necklaces for Valentine’s Day

Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Necklaces are beautiful anytime of the year, but she would like you to “Be your most beautiful this Valentine’s Day.” So, from now until February 14, each of Lisa’s Fragrance Necklaces are $49.00, which is a 25% discount.   

Each fragrance necklace has a round charm that encases the wood beads.  A special delivery system allows the perfume to be released very slowly as the beads are exposed to air. Once the scent has been depleted, you simply open the casing and replace the beads. The approximate time that the beads need to be replaced is every one to two weeks. Each piece of jewelry comes with refillable fragrance beads.

On the website, you will see all five of the Fragrance Necklaces:  Japanese Agarwood Necklace, French Clary Sage Necklace, Madagascar Orchid Necklace, Tunisian Neroli Necklace, and Tunisian Neroli Necklace. While I have not tried the Fragrance Necklaces, I did have an opportunity to sample the Tunisian Neroli Fragrance Eau de Parfum. 

Lisa Hoffman



Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman

Availability:  Lisa Hoffman Beauty 

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  1. Icequeen81 says:

    the copper one is pretty :)

  2. I have been very interested in these fragrances and jewelry. Maybe for Mother’s Day!

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