LUSH Cosmetics Easter Products for 2013

Lush Cosmetics wants you to have a ball in the bath this Easter!  

LUSH Cosmetics always has gorgeous products! They look good, they smell good, and they’re all 100% cruelty free!


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Check out the new, and returning Limited Edition favorites that LUSH has for Easter 2013:

New LUSH Cosmetics Products:

Heñata Bath Bomb is $7.95:

LUSH Cosmetics thinks of this as a piñata for the bath. Since it’s in the shape of a hen, it’s a Heñata! Inside are hidden surprises that include soap paper flower petals, and an egg made from ballistic mix. This has a fragrance of  citrus tangerine, bergamot and mandarin oils. It is Vegan.

Lush Cosmetics

The Brightside Bubble Bar is $8.95: 
This is scented with Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil, and a squeeze of lemon. Crumble this under your bath water, and not only will you have tons of bubbles, but also Lush promises your water will turn into a “red and orange sunset.”  This is Vegan.

LUSH Cosmetics
Easter Egg Hunt Soap is $9.00 for ¼ lb:
This soap is scented with fruity orange, raspberry, lemon and violet leaf absolute. I agree with LUSH Cosmetics that it would be really pretty sitting on your sink this spring! This is Vegan.

LUSH Cosmetics


Returning Favorites from LUSH Cosmetics:

Carrot Bubble Bar is $7.95:
This Carrot Bubble Bar is reusable. Simply swish it around the bath by its green top to produce bubbles for your bath, and then put it somewhere to dry for use another time. The fragrance is that of fruity oils such as buchu, lemon and bergamot, and there is a little bit of carrot oil, too. This is Vegan.

LUSH Cosmetics

The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb (in yellow and pink) are $12.95 each:
LUSH has double-layered bath bombs that are hollow eggs with a surprise inside. All you have to do is line up the crease on the egg with the edge of a hard surface, and give it a good hit. The pink color will reveal a mini chick inside. The yellow egg will have a bunny! You throw the outer eggshell (and chick or bunny) into your bath, and you’ll smell absolute, lemon and grapefruit scented. This is Vegan.

LUSH Cosmetics


LUSH Cosmetics

Hoppy Easter Knot Wrap Gift is $17.95:
This reusable bunny knot wrap is made of organic cotton, and is very soft. This gift contains a Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb and a Carrot Bubble Bar. The Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb will produce a bathtub full of water scented of marshmallow, candy floss, and jelly bean. This is Vegan.
LUSH Cosmetics


Remember, these are limited editions, so order online, or get yourself to your nearest LUSH!

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  1. Catherine says:

    The Easter Egg Hunt soap is really cute! So are the eggs & carrot 🙂

  2. RumpyDog! says:

    Oh Dog! Those are so cute! They’d be great in a teen girl’s Easter basket!

  3. Tami Willis says:

    That carrot is so cute!

  4. Sara Highsmith happysara89 says:

    ahh I love Lush! I must go smell these!

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