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Attention Curly Hair Gals!

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Cruelty free DevaCurl promised that after I used the products sent to me for review, my naturally curly hair would be made frizz free without the use of sulfates, parabens and silicones. Does it live up to it’s promise? Read and find out.

A quick history. DevaCurl launched a decade ago at Devachan salon in New York City by Lorraine Massey (where she was a co-owner).  Lorraine realized, from having corkscrew curls, that it was necessary to treat her hair differently, and that  the typical shampoo that was available had dehydrating ingredients that made it “curly hair’s worst enemy.”

Lorainne Massey

Deva Hair Products was formulated to take the “poo” out of shampoo – the harsh detergent found in almost all the shampoos. DevaCurl No-Poo was one of the the original non-lathering conditioning cleansers. Needless to say, creating a brand product that did not have these detergents was a huge change in hair care.

Now there is more than just the No-Poo. The award-winning DevaCurl has a complete line of cleansers, conditioners, and styling products for curly, wavy and chemically treated hair.


DevaCurl Links:



DevaCurl is:

100% cruelty free,

sulfate free,

paraben free,

and silicone free.

All of the bottles were labeled: “Not tested on animals. No animal derived ingredients.” 


Don’t be intimidated that the DevaCurl has a three step method to cleanse, hydrate, and define curls. It won’t take that much longer in the shower, and the bottom line is, with the right products, you won’t be disappointed with the way your hair looks after styling! How much time were you spending (after quickly washing and using conditioner) to then fix your hair before you left the house? How about during the day?

Here is a great video that explains the three steps, wave types, and the DevaCurl products:

DevaCurl video


3-Step Video






Before any DevaCurl products were sent to me, I was asked about my hair, and I also emailed a photo of my hair, so that my specific type of curls could be seen. Therefore, while everyone will use the 3-Step Process, the specific products that I review are customized for my type of curl.

Here are the types of curls as DevaCurl defines them:


Depending on your curl type, there are specific products for you.Check out the link, you’ll see all the products that are available.


Here are the DevaCurl products that were sent to me for review:


DevaCurl No-Poo is the original, non-lathering shampoo alternative. Just remember, since there are no sulfates, there will be no bubbles/lathering of the shampoo.

I really felt that the No-Poo was giving me a thorough cleansing–despite having no lather! The No-Poo left my hair incredibly soft and, of course, it’s a bonus that it will not strip your hair of it’s color!  The scent is of peppermint and Turkish rose.

Ingredients include Hops, Wheat, and Grapeseed Oil

DevaCurl One Condition is used after the cleanser. I experimented with this very rich product to see what would work best for my hair. For extra hydration, or very tight curls, it is recommended to re-apply a small amount and to not rinse. I found that my hair didn’t need the extra conditioner, so I didn’t do that.

Ingredients include Olive Oil, Hops, and Rosemary

Any cons to the No-Poo or One Condition? 

In my opinion, the only con is that the previous no-shampoo/cleansing conditioner that I was using had many fragrances/scents from which to choose. DevaCurl does not. Obviously, as long as you’re happy with the DevaCurl scent, it doesn’t matter.

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel is a new name; it was formerly called AnGEL. This is a great moisturizing and defining gel that, as promised, dissolved immediately when I applied the product to my wet hair. When the Light Defining Gel dries, it forms what DevaCurl calls a moisture protective cast.  Since the goal is to enhance curls, DevaCurl cautions that you should not be touching your hair once you’ve applied the product!

Ingredients include Wheat, Soy, and Chamomile


The only product that I did not use on an every day basis was the DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam.  That’s because for my hair, I felt that it was just not necessary. The above three products worked really well for me, and I felt that while I would recommend the Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam on really hot, humid days, it’s still winter time in the northeast, so it’s not necessary. In addition, this really gave me great volume at the roots of my hair, and using the other products worked super without anything additional needed! Love that it’s alcohol free and it did not leave my hair stiff feeling, like some products of this nature have.

Ingredients include Sunflower Glycerides, Hops, and Lemongrass

DevaCurl Deva Gloves

Absolutely love these ingenious gloves!  This DevaCurl product is so smart because although you are supposed to gently dry your hair after showering, you should not use a terrycloth towel! Know why? Terrycloth is a coarse fabric, and because of the texture of the towel, it just makes your hair frizzy!

DevaCurl glovesThe package of DevaCurl Gloves has one left hand and one right. One size only. They are microfiber and therefore, friction free. The goal is to absorb enough water from your hair to allow the DevaCurl styling products to leave your curls frizz-free, and add definition, no matter what your curl type.

The DevaGloves can be machine washed in cold water, but make sure to wash them separately from your other laundry. DaveCurl cautions that you don’t want to get lint and other fibers caught in the microfiber strands.

Moxie’s Before and After with DevaCurl:

First, yes, I am aware that I am in need of a trim from the hairdresser. I am due for one next week. I actually decided to put DevaCurl to the photo test when my hair looked as unkempt as it possibly could (without totally embarrassing my children).

Second, to make this as “fair,” and as “scientific,” as I could, here’s what I did.

Before photo: I used my current favorite of no shampoo cleansing conditioner to wash my hair. Then, I used the DevaCurl Deva Gloves to dry; and then applied the hair gel from this haircare line. I used my fingers to scrunch up my wet hair.

Moxie Reviews DevaCurl

(The before and after photos were taken one day apart.)

After photo: I used DevaCurl’s No-Poo, the One Condition, and the Light Defining Gel.  I simply dried my hair with the DevaCurl Deva Gloves, and then scrunched my hair.

Moxie Reviews DevaCurl

For the photos, I did not use any other products than those mentioned. During the day, I’m sure I also twirled my hair around my fingers, which used to get me in big trouble when I was in Kindergarten. But that’s another post altogether.

Final Thoughts on the DevaCurl Hair Care Products:

I have used this continuously for 6 weeks, and I have been incredibly impressed with all the DevaCurl products that were sent. I highly recommend them, and I love that they are readily available. Just make sure  you buy from an authorized dealer to have authentic products!

I have a new favorite no-shampoo: DevaCurl. By using sing DevaCurl, I believe that my hair was not as fly-away (maybe you’ll call it frizzy), and most definitely had more definition to my curl. While the DevaCurl has one extra “step,” meaning you have to use the no-shampoo and then a conditioner, I felt it was worth the little extra time.  lives up to its promise that by using only healthy oils and botanical extracts, my hair was completely frizz free with soft curls.

Disclosure: Products provided for review. All links are for your convenience only.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I think my hair would fall under wavy-style curls. I’ve been planning to try a no ‘poo routine (or less ‘poo at least) again, because I’ve gotten in the habit of washing it daily (had it to just a few times a week a couple years ago). I’d love to try this

  2. Icequeen81 says:

    I need this product, Im afraid if they will sell it here someday It will be pretty expensive too

  3. Amy Carpenter says:

    I use Deva Curl on my hair – my stylist is a certified Deva Curl stylist and she introduced me to it almost a year ago. I love this stuff. My hair is between s waves and botticelli, and this stuff makes it look FANTASTIC. BEST STUFF EVER – period, for us curly heads out there.

    • I’m very jealous that you have a certified DevaCurl stylist!!! Your hair must be gorgeous. Thank you so much for taking the time for letting me know. I really appreciate it!! x

  4. I’ve been using the DevaCare products for about a year now, and I’ve noticed a huge change in my hair. My hair now maintains a natural, beautiful curl, while before it would just kink and frizz. It also feels so much softer than before.

    And as to Moxie’s comment about the one scent– that was the one thing I didn’t care for in the original DevaCurl line, so I switched to the DevaCare (that’s the white label with the green lettering, as opposed to DevaCurl’s green label with white lettering). This is the line that was developed for those who color their hair, and the scent is much gentler in my opinion.

    Thank you for this post and for sharing your experiences with Deva! I always feel like I’m somewhat crazy when I explain my ‘no-poo’ routine!

    • Hi, Kerry, Moxie “here.” Thank you so much for your great feedback!! I will definitely look into purchasing the DevaCare, because, as I wrote in the post, I do love DevaCurl, and will continue to use it (on my own).

      It’s great to “meet” others who also love DevaCurl, so thank you again for writing. It is so appreciated!!! xo

  5. Those before and after pics are AMAZING!!!

    How do you find a DevaCurl stylist? I would LOVE to find one in my area!


  6. Stephanie @ A & J says:

    I am a Deva Inspired Stylist and sell the products at our salon! I use the products myself whether I go curly or blow out straight! I love these products and love our curly girl clients!

  7. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for the review. Wondering about this!!!

  8. I really like reading through your posts.

  9. Many thanks for the post. Have to get this for my curly hair.

  10. Nice post. I use WEN but I’m going to try DevaCurl next time I run out. Thanks, Moxie. You have a great website.

  11. Hi, since I have curly hair, I’m going to try these. Thank you.

  12. good to read about DevaCurl
    I’m going to try it next time I’m at Ulta

  13. Great suggestion for curly hair like I have. Will try this next trip to Ulta. Thanks!

  14. Help my 13 yr old son now has a complete new head of hair. this year…from straight to tight curls. He is constantly trying to straighten them out and is having quite a time trying to move forward. Everything from deva curls looks female based…!

    • I have children of both sexes, so I totally get it. Have you tried DevaCurl? First I would try it on his hair. If it works well, then how about just putting the product(s) in different bottles? I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to try the new Living Proof for curly hair–since Jennifer Aniston is the spokeswoman for that! If you want to write back, maybe you could give me some more details so I can think about what else I might recommend! xo

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