Embryolisse Anti-aging Re-densifying Cream Review

Embryolisse is a cruelty free brand that I have been wanting to try, and I was so excited when I won some of their products in a Facebook Giveaway! The first product that I would like to review is:

Embryolisse Anti-aging Re-densifying Cream

EmbryolisseThe photo of Embryolisse above, in a snowbank, was taken on March 23, when, although it is supposedly “spring,” we still had snow on the ground!

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This is advertised as being a youth reactivating cream that “fills in, smoothes and plumps up.” It is labeled as being for mature skin, 50-plus. However!!! I am not in my fifties, so even if you are younger,  do not dismiss this as something for only older, mature skin.

Who May Benefit From Embryolisse Anti-aging Re-densifying Cream?

I contacted Embryolisse to find out how to present a review to readers. Embryolisse was incredibly helpful and let me know that the Re-Densifying Cream can be used on all ages. I know on the box it states for 50-plus but this is apparently how France sells and lists their products. Also, the Embryolisse Anti-aging Re-Densifying Cream can be used on all skin types! I love that it is Paraben-free, and the Embryolisse is formulated to minimize the likelihood of allergic reactions. This is great because I have sensitive skin and had no problems at all.

Describing Anti-Age Re-Densifying Cream:

I have used Embryolisse Anti-Age Re-Densifying Cream exclusively for eight weeks. I used it once a day, in the morning, on clean skin. The Embryolisse felt very rich, but never felt heavy on my skin. The Cream very quickly disappeared when applied, and  I was left with nothing but a very nice, smooth feeling on my face. Any dryness that I had upon waking up the morning was quickly resolved when I used the Cream.

A closeup of the Embryolisse Cream: embryolisse

While the entire time I used this super Cream it was winter, I believe that even without the very cold temperatures (sometimes wind chills of below 0° F), Embryolisse would not feel greasy or heavy on my skin were I to start to perspire at warmer temps! For those interested, I would be happy to report back on how the Cream is working for me in July. I’m very confident that I will be just as happy.

Fortunately, I had enough Embryolisse to get me through the winter. To give you another idea of the weather conditions under which this was tested, this winter, in New England we had multiple major  snow storms (i.e. more than a foot of snow in many places).  One of those storms was given the name “Nemo” though most of us in NE just thought of it as the Blizzard of 2013.  Embryolisse shared in the humor and pain, and posted this photo on their Facebook page:

winter storm nemo

Ingredients of  Embryolisse Anti-aging Re-densifying Cream:

The Cream has Vitamin E and Reservatrol (grape seed), in addition to hyaluronic acid and shea butter. What this means is that it will smooth and plump the skin, and decrease wrinkles and prevent age spots.  I noticed that my skin appeared smoother and vibrant, and I believe that those who are in the age range of 50+ will notice even more of a difference in their skin as Embryolisse advertises that using this Cream will leave skin texture “reinforced, firmed, plumped up and more elastic.”


 Reminder, as noted previously, this is Paraben-free!


40 ml pump bottle – 1.4 Fl.OZ

Love that this is in a pump! It’s a terrific size, especially for airplane travel. No problem with 1.4 fl. oz size to get through airport security. If you haven’t used all the product by six months, it should be replaced with a fresh bottle.

I loved the Embryolisse Anti-aging Re-densifying Cream. I’m so glad that I won the product and I felt strongly enough about how well it worked for me that I decided to write about it. Absolutely fabulous product, and I not only recommend it, but I plan to purchase this on my own!

Disclosure: I received this in an Embryolisse Giveaway.  All links are for your convenience only.

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  1. Hi Moxie, it would appear that you have sent your snow storms to the UK. Anyway, fabulous review, I have never heard of this brand, although after a quick search on the internet I see it’s readily available in the UK. I really like companies that target specific age groups and their concerns. I am tempted to give this one a go, I could do all the help I can get. The only thing I’m not keen on is the name, it conjured up all sorts of images in my mind what may be in the product ( I have a very overactive imagination). Thanks again for a wonderful review 🙂 Jude xx

    • I’m so sorry you’re not having good weather!!! Well, you certainly gave me a big laugh with your comment. As you know, if you ever can’t find a product in your country, I would always mail it to you!! xo

  2. shelley bershof says:

    Do you know what the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th ingredients are? Aren’t the first 6 ingredients the most important ones? I’m familiar with aqua (water) and glycerin, but I’m not sure that those other ingredients are especially “healthy.” What do you think?

    • I believe that this is a safe product, but I do want to get an answer for you about the specific ingredients. Therefore, I have written to Embryolisse and will post again once I have their response. Thank you so much for asking!!


      Embryolisse was so kind and quick to respond to the question about ingredients. Huge thanks to them for this reply:

      1st 6th doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It’s in order of %, but many things have max useage % – especially vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc.

      Paraffinum Liquidum = mineral oil, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate = naturally derived emulsifier, Octocrylene = absorbs UV (sunscreen)

      arachidyl alcohol = thickening agent & emollient

      When you get near the bottom, you see tocopherol = Vit E

      Pichia/Resveratrol Ferment Extract = collagen synthesis, sodium hyaluronate = hyaluronic acid -> these all sub to max % where little is all you need because so potent (ie less than 10%).

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