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Mont Bleu is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic, and they produce, and then decorate, beautiful items with Swarovski Crystals. Mont Bleu has glass nail files, compact mirrors, a variety of cosmetic tools, and jewelry. Mont Bleu describes itself as being, “all about quality and beauty,” and that is no exaggeration! I’ve written about them previously, and here is the most recent post. All of the items received from Mont Bleu arrive packaged with a certificate of authenticity card.

certificate mont bleu

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http://www.czech-glass-nail-files.com/ and http://www.design-glassware.com

Wholesalers or retailers should use this link to order: czech-glass-nail-files.com 

I received several items from Mont Bleu, and here’s a photo of all of them:

mont bleu

The first item to share with you is:

Bag hanger hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals:

Swarovski Mont Bleu

The bag hanger opened up:

Swarvoski crystals Mont Bleu

Why would you need a bag hanger? You have a nice purse or bag, so why would you want to put it on the (possibly) dirty floor while you are at a table? Or, worse, have someone steal it! With the hanger, you simply hang your purse at whatever table you’re sitting it, and the rubber surface will ensure that the hanger does not slip.  The bag hanger will hold bags with a weight up to 20lbs/10kg.

I love the beautiful decoration of Swarovski crystals, and there are many color selections and designs of how the Swarovski crystals are set in the top of the bag holder.

Swarovski crystals Mont Bleu

The next item I received is:

Business card holder hand decorated with Swarovski Crystals:

The one I received is photographed below, but they are also available in many other styles and designs.

Swarvoski crystals  card holder

Here’s an example (below) of a card holder from Mont Bleu has available that is made from stainless steel, and has no Swarovski Crystals on it. This sleek design makes it a great option for businessmen or businesswomen.

mont bleu business card holder

You really want to look professional, and rummaging through your handbag or looking in your wallet to pull out a business card, searching for it in a messy desk, or…I’ve even seen people pull out a stack with an elastic band around it– does not look professional, and most definitely will not impress anyone ! With a business card holder from Mont Bleu, you’ll always know where your cards are, and look stylish while keeping your business cards clean and organized.

This is a gift that is as appreciated by someone who is just starting out in their career, or by someone who needs an update!

Just Mini Nail File with Swarovski Crystals:

I absolutely love Mont Bleu glass nail files. The first time that I received one of their gorgeous and hard working nail files was back in 2011. In my opinion, there are no cons to the nail files…at all. Check out the photo below that shows the work of decorating the (full size) nail files with the Swarovski Crystals. At Mont Bleu, every glass nail file is meticulously made by hand.

Swarovski crystal nail files

Here is a photo of the Just Mini nail file that I received:

mini nail file swarovski crystals


The Length of the file is 90mm/3.55 inches.


Whether you order a full size, or the Just Mini, as I did, the material that Mont Bleu uses in the production of their glass nail files is Czech tempered glass.The different types of crystals which are used to decorate the products have a very unique light reflecting quality to them, and that’s due to the Swarovski crystals’ unique amount of edges.

The quality of a glass nail file, in my opinion, simply cannot compare to that of any other nail file material. I love that glass nail files are eco-friendly, because they are made from renewable resources.  While Mont Bleu glass nail files are not  guaranteed against breakage, the file does have a  life-long guarantee for its abrasive surface.

It’s also very easy to clean the Mont Bleu glass nail file. Even with the Swarovski Crystals, you can either wash it off in hot water, or, if multiple people are using it, you can sterilize  the glass nail file.  Besides being beautiful, the nail file does an outstanding job. Both my nail file from 2011, and the most recent one, are nice and sharp, with just the right amount of abrasiveness on the file.

The mini nail file is great to take when you’re traveling, either in your handbag, or packed in a makeup kit.

The final lovely item that I will share with you is the:

Shamballa bracelet with Powder Rose crystal pearls:

Inspired by the Shamballa jewels that you’ve no doubt seen so many celebrities wearing, Mont Bleu has a great selection of Shamballa bracelets for you to choose from; there are a variety of different sizes of stones and color variations. Some are made with Swarovski crystals, with pearls, with gem stones, and with beads. These are all made by hand, and Mont Bleu hopes that whichever one you choose will, “lead you to the path of meditation and tranquility.”

Swarvoski Shamballa bracelet

The bracelets all arrive in a leatherette box.  The size of the pearls that I received are 10mm, and, as you can see, there are a total of 11 crystal pearls. These Crystal Pearls are a replica of genuine pearls made by the famous Swarovski.

Each Shamballa bracelet is made with waxed cord tied in knots using a macramé technique, and I love that the bracelets are super easy to adjust to the size of your wrist.

Great price and I noticed that there were deals on these bracelets as I was getting ready to publish this. Check out all the links at the top of the post

Disclosure: I received the items for review. All links are for your convenience only

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