Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty: Cleanser Review

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone – actress, animal rights activist, writer and mother – collaborated with Juice Beauty in 2012 to produce a collection of skincare and cosmetics that is cruelty free, vegan and has certified organic ingredients. Although I have previously purchased and reviewed Juice Beauty products, this is the first time I have purchased anything from the Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Collection.

Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty

Although I remember reading all about the Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Collection last year, I have finally gotten around to trying it, and decided to start with my purchase of the Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser. By the way, while I made my purchase in person, at Ulta, you can also order online at Juice Beauty, or online at Ulta.

Alicia Silverstone Juice Beauty

Price is $22.00 for 6 oz.

Alicia Silverstone lives her life as healthy as she can, and she wants everyone to join her in using organic beauty products. Alicia had the goal to produce a “beautiful, sexy line and …one that is green, too.” So, in addition to the organic ingredients, the packaging for the Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Collection is made with over 90% recycled materials, and it is printed with soy ink. I like the packaging, and think it’s quite pretty.

Who Can Benefit From the Alicia Silverstone Cleanser?

Apparently everyone but babies can use the Simply Pure Camomile Cleanser. It states that the following skin types can use it: Normal, Combination, Dry, Sensitive, Children and Teens, and Blemished/Oily. How great that this is a cleanser that can be shared by almost all family members.

Simple directions:  This may be used in the morning and before going to sleep. On dampened skin, gently massage with a circular motion. Rinse well and then follow with your usual moisturizer. (I have not tried the Alicia Silverstone moisturizer, so I can’t comment on it yet.)

alicia silverstone juice beauty

I love that the Cleanser is made with certified organic ingredients, and there are antioxidants such as passion flower extract and champagne grape seed oil.

The top of the Cleanser box is sealed (so if anyone should be rude and take off the seal and try to use it as tester, it should be fairly obviously); and has the seal of  COPA, the California Organic Products Act. That shows that Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty buys the majority of  the ingredients used in their products from USDA certified organic farmers.

organic ingredients for Alicia Silverstone

Current Formula Ingredients (May 2013)

alicia silverstone juice beauty

Alicia Silverstone Simply Pure Camomile Cleanser

I know that aromas are a personal preference, but I did like the smell of the chamomile essential oils. Obviously, that may be a con for some. I am not a skin care professional, but I am assuming that due to the aloe leaf juice, and the white tea leaf extract in the ingredients, they worked, as advertised, to leave my skin feeling very soft and smooth. My skin did not feel dry or tight at all; in fact, while the directions are to add a moisturizer after, I felt that my skin was quite hydrated. I am assuming that the cleanser will last a long time, as I only needed one pump to clean my face. While it is more expensive than other cleansers, I believe that it’s due to the excellent, organic ingredients, and antioxidants, not because Alicia Silverstone is associated with the product. I highly recommend that you try it.

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  1. I love Alicia Silverstone <3

  2. Kath TheFabZilla says:

    I like some of Juice Beauty products! Their stem cellular moisturizer is awesome. I have yet to try Alicia’s line yet, this cleanser sounds good to moi!

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    Sounds good to me

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