Skin Ally: A Pillowcase That Helps Acne

Skin Ally

Skin Ally claims that “perfect skin is just a dream away,” with their specially designed pillowcase. The Skin Ally pillowcase is scientifically formulated to help acne and promote better sleep!

You know that innocent looking pillow on your bed? It’s the cause of acne for teenagers, as well as many others, including adults.

Skin Ally

Skin Ally Science

NYU microbiologist Dr. Philip Tierno told The Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen, “Pillows absorb germs from our skin and the air, they become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and dust mites.  It’s a literal zoo, he said.”
OK, Yuck. So, let’s take a look at the Pillowcase

Skin Ally Pillowcase

Skin Ally
“In a recent study comparing a Skin Ally pillowcase with a standard cotton pillowcase, the Skin Ally showed a 91.5% reduction of the main acne causing bacteria P. acnes, and a standard cotton pillowcase had a 0% reduction.”

More Facts About the Pillowcase:

In addition to the obvious benefit of helping to get rid of your acne, the Pillowcase is actually  a 220 Thread Count 100% bamboo rayon fibers, and was chosen as such because the decreased thread count allows the bamboo fabric to remain more breathable. That, apparently, results in healthier, acne free skin!  It’s also  antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Skin Ally

The Skin Ally pillowcase can be used by kids, and adults, and even your pets. However!! If  anyone is allergic to lavender, lemon balm, wintergreen oil or Tea Tree Oil, they should watch for any reaction upon first use.

The Skin Ally is a queen sized + pillowcase and  is priced at $29, which I feel is very reasonable for the product. I’m super impressed by the Skin Ally return policy. If you’re not happy, they will return your payment!!

 Purchase the Skin Ally Pillowcase

From their website  (I do not make any profit from any purchase you make), and in The Soap Box in downtown Seattle across from Pike’s Place Market

 Skin Ally

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  1. icequeen81MA says:

    If it contain stuff as lavender, can you wash those pillow cases? I wonder how this stuff will stay after many washes.

    • Care/Washing Instructions

      Wash on normal or delicate cycles! Do not bleach! Low heat or air fluff setting is recommended when drying. Avoid high heat.

      I haven’t used it enough to know how many washes. I’ve washed it three times so far, though, and still smells like “new.”

      The directions do say, “If scent begins to fade, rub pillowcase together for 4-5 seconds to break the top layer of microcapsules and release more scent.”

  2. Susan P. says:

    Interesting concept. A bit expensive for a pillowcase but if it works…

  3. Sara Highsmith happysara89 says:

    ahh I wish I had this as a teenager

  4. This is a new one to me, an acne-fighting pillowcase!
    Having said that I just wonder how many acne sufferers change their cotton pillowcases every day, not many I expect. This product seems a to be a step in the right direction, and if it works well the cost would be a small price to pay.

  5. this sounds interesting!

  6. Sounds interesting, but expensive!

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