Latest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money

Latest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money

Latest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money? Read the post by Dana Ramos, author The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful and find out!

 Lastest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money

There is a salon in New York City that will charge you $180 for the pleasure of having a “Bird Poop” facial.  I’m quite serious.   There is no proof that it does anything good for your skin (in fact–it sound quite unhealthy, even though the poop is “sanitized”).

latest beauty fads

The sad truth is that since the dawn of vanity, people–mostly women–have sought increasingly expensive or ridiculous choices in the quest for either better-looking skin, or something that will slow or reverse aging skin.  And rather than reach for medically-proven ingredients and products (like those outlined in my book, The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin), people are seduced by marketing promises and luscious-looking jars and bottles, filled with whatever is touted as the “latest” or “newest” fad ingredient; even though that ingredient may be completely useless at worst, or minimally effective at best.

We’ve been through jars containing muds and chocolate; berries, fruits and oils; real or imagined new “chemicals;” hormones and strange “extracts;” collagen; “mysterious” discoveries from far-away lands; and on and on– none of which have been shown to make great improvements in your skin.

Here are a few of the latest  beauty fads that have not been proven to be effective, but companies are trying to get you to buy:

 Latest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money

1.  Beauty products with caviar:  Caviar is an expensive luxury food, full of oils and vitamins, but again, there is no evidence that any skin product made with caviar has any benefit.

latest beauty fads

La Prairie (one of the most ridiculously over-priced beauty companies in the world) has a caviar line, and Melania Trump (most recent wife of “The Donald”) also has a beauty line with caviar.


2.  Products with acai berry:  Here is another latest beauty fads already running its course.  Like any product claiming “antioxidant” properties, there is no real evidence that products with any kind of berry extract has real value.

latest beauty fads

Latest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money

3.  “BB” and “CC” creams and makeups:  Oh, this is all the rage right now.  (BB for “beauty balm,” and CC for Color Correction).   Contained within these products are some great ingredients, ranging from alpha hydroxy acids to hyaluronic acids–but unfortunately, the amount of good stuff is too minimal to make real changes in your skin.


4.  Bee venom:  Another over-touted “ingredient” that is “clinically proven.”  By the way–“clinically proven” means nothing.  For an ingredient or product to be accepted by the medical community as truly effective it must go through rigorous testing and trials and not some vague “clinical test.”  And bee venom products will sting when you pay for it–these products are pricey–and for those with bee allergies, it can even be harmful.


5.  Gold and diamonds:  Paying for these products will sting even worse than products with bee venom!  Products containing flakes or traces of gold or diamonds are, in the words of a famous dermatologist, “Worthless at best, irritating to the skin at the worst.”  Again, you’ll find La Prairie in the gold-cream category, and a company called Forever Flawless selling creams with diamond for hundreds of dollars.  Why does ANYONE believe in this stuff?


6.  Charcoal:  This is another of the latest beauty fads.

 latest beauty fads

Charcoal is used to purify water and is found in many water filters but there is zero evidence that it will do anything to purify your skin.  Origins has come out with a charcoal mask, and there are some other companies using it.  Just a new “buzzword.”

Latest Beauty Fads to Waste Your Money

7.  Caffeine:  Like caffeine will “wake up” you skin?  Hardly.  Keep the caffeine in your coffee.  There isn’t any proof it will do anything for your skin.

latest beauty fads

8.  Stem Cells:  This fad is just taking off, but first of all, you won’t find any human stem cells in any cream or product, just plant stem cells.  The theory of stem cells helping your body regenerate your own new cells sounds nice, but it even in the future, stem cells in creams probably won’t be effective.  If anything, stem cells will be used in injectable form in some way.  But we aren’t there, yet.

latest beauty fads

Women are not immune to falling for fads.  Men are becoming “suckers” more and more as grooming products “specially designed for men” are becoming more popular.  For the most part, there is no difference between cleansers and moisturizers and toners for men and women; a beauty company pretty much just slaps a “manly” label on the bottle and says, “For Men.”

 Lastest Beauty Fads To Waste Your Money

So the bottom line:  Avoid “the latest,” the “newest,” the “hottest” fads.  Stick with the proven products and ingredients that really work for your skin and are recommended by dermatologists.  If you want to know what those products are–read my book! (You can read the first 30 pages, free, on  Book available on as a paperback and Kindle version).

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  1. Loooove this!!! Sanitized bird poop??? Rrrright! Oh and you forgot about the Snail facial, where you have live snails waltzing on your face! *rolls eyes* Silly what some will do in the name of beauty. 🙂

  2. MarciaF (beauty info zone) says:

    Great article but I still love my BB and CC Creams. I don’t like bird poop or caviar though.

  3. Sara Highsmith happysara89 says:

    Ohhh I thought charcoal was helpful! It is in my psoriasis medicine but I duno if it’s the same as beauty products. This was an extremely interesting read! I didn’t know people use bee venom for cosmetics. I know it is use to inject into nerve damaged area to “reactivate” or “surge” the connections in the cells.

  4. icequeen81MA says:

    Too expensive for me tough, I wont waste my money when i can use that money in something more important.

  5. I have to say the Nightingale “bird poop” is not a fad. Growing up in Japan, my mother washed her face with this all the time because it was sold so cheaply, think about one pound bag for 25¢. It did what it was suppose to do, cleanse the face. The Fad happened when some marketing Mad Men or Mad Women decided to give it magical poopy powers and charge a ridiculous amount for it. I am sure if I marketed beaver anal glands as some magical beauty product, I could make millions!! But too bad they are already being used as vanilla flavoring for various desserts!! (no kidding)

    Great post!

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