Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel Review from Salma Hayek

Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel is cruelty free product with which I think you’ll be able to see a difference in your skin after you use it just a few times. This is not just some celebrity product that has a name slapped on it. This was inspired by Salma Hayek’s grandmother!

You only have to squeeze out a little bit of the Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel and massage it onto your wet face in circular motions. Leave on for up to 5-6 minutes and then rinse with water or remove with a moist towel. I rinsed with warm water. Love the feel and smell of the product.
You do not need the amount of product I have photographed below to get a great exfoliation!
nuance exfoliating facial gel
This isn’t one of those harsh exfoliators, so don’t expect to find big beads of exfoliator. It’s just the the right amount for my skin to have it look and feel incredibly smooth.

Ingredients of Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel

This is a wild lime fruit blend in the Nuance Exfoliating Gel, and it is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel is made with neem leaf extract (cleansing properties help with a smooth clear complexion) and green tea (which helps your skin to glow!) I think you’ll like the wild lime scent, but that’s such a personal preference.

Packaging of the Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel

Great packaging. Love that it’s in a tube and easy to pack when going away!
nuance exfoliating facial gel

Where to Buy Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel

Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel is available exclusively at CVS for $7.99, which is an incredibly reasonable price! There are no cons, and even if for some reason you don’t love the product, CVS will refund your money  if you save your sales receipt.

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  1. edie cochetti says:

    Great review Moxie! it sounds like something iwould like to try since it is very since it is not that harsh type of product. also love the fact it is in a tube also. the ingredients and smell of it are also pluss’es for me! thanks for another great review!

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