Nuance Nail Polish Colors by Salma Hayek

Nuance Nail Lacquer

Nuance is a cruelty free brand created by Salma Hayek that I have previously reviewed. In addition to skincare, I’d like to share with you some Nail Lacquers from the Collection.

Salma Hayak was quoted as saying that people don’t realize what it’s like to create a nail polish collection, “It’s a lot more work than you can possibly imagine,” she told InStyle. “Every day I’m looking at the formulas and ingredients, and researching other ones.”

Nuance is available exclusively at CVS and

I had no problems applying the polish; and as the Nuance Nail Lacquers are $5.99, they are, in my opinion, very reasonably priced.

1. Nuance Nail Lacquer: Crushed Violet

I have applied only one coat of polish on my middle finger, and the rest have 2 coats. I wanted to show you how the purple clearly shows on my middle finger, and reads more black on the other nails.

Nuance Nail Lacquer

2. Nuance Nail Lacquer: Nightshadow

I applied two coats of polish on my nails, and no top coat, to show you just how beautiful a shine my nail have!

Nuance Nail Lacquer

3. Nuance Nail Lacquer: Lilac

Here is a beautiful lilac color from Salma’s line. Once again, I have two coats of polish on my nails, and no top coat.

Nuance Nail Lacquer

4. Nuance Nail Lacquer: Deep Orchid

I have two coats of this gorgeous berry color on my nails.


Nuance Nail Lacquer

Have you tried any of the Lacquers from Salma Hayek?


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  1. I haven’t tried these, but Deep Orchid looks lovely!

  2. icequeen81MA says:

    crushed violet is my favorite

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