Hair Doozy: A Must Have Hair Tool Organizer

The Hair Doozy

You’re going to love this new product that said was a “must have” in their 2012 Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide: the Hair Doozy. It’s an organizer to hold your hot hair tools. It was designed by  R.D. Johnson and Patricia Combs.  R.D. has been a hairstylist for over twenty ­seven years and he was sick of looking at the tangled mess of his hot tools in his travel bags and thrown all around in his drawers. His client, Patricia had similar issues with her bathroom; it always a mess untangling cords and  not knowing where to put all the appliances while they were cooling.

Hair Doozy

What is the Hair Doozy?

The Hair Doozy is a lightweight cabinet that has been designed to protect and organize your hot hair styling tools. No more clutter on your bathroom countertops; it can even be mounted on a wall.

It is constructed of twenty gauge powder coated steel. It was designed to hold a hair dryer and two hot tools (flat irons and curling irons).

The Hair Doozy safely holds your hair tools when they are hot. They can cool off in your home, or even packed in the optional Hair Doozy carrier when you travel.

Hair Doozy Hair Doozy

The Hair Doozy is available in two different sizes and several colors.  Both sizes can be purchased with a carrying case, and that can be personalized with a monogram, (as you can see in the above photo).

The link for Hair Doozy is:

Prices: Regular size is $35.95 AND the Pro is $45.95


Starting tomorrow, there will be a Giveaway of the Hair Doozy, so come back and check it out!

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  1. edie cochetti says:

    Moxie, i am absolutely in need of this product!! lol please keep updates on it as you get them as to price, when it launches, etc! great review!

  2. Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads (And More) in Seattle says:

    LOL – I LOVE this!! You should see what I’m trying to use. It is a joke, with things falling out left and right – this is great. 🙂

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