Zhu Zhu Wants to End Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Ban China’s Cruel Animal Testing for Cosmetics

China still has a law that new products must be submitted for testing to authorities before they can go on sale, and that involves a range of animal tests.

 animal testing for cosmetics

China’s Mandatory Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Zhu Zhu, an actress and a former MTV China host, is the new Be Cruelty Free China Ambassador. Check out her poster in support of Be Cruelty Free China! She wants to end the cruel mandatory animal testing for cosmetics.

Animal Testing for Cosmetics

The photo campaign, by the Humane Society International and Capital Animal Welfare Association, wants to end China’s cruel animal testing for cosmetics. It is estimated that each year, in China alone, 300,000 rabbits, mice and other animals are used in cosmetics testing!! No pain relief is given as these poor animals have chemicals put in their eyes, on their shaved skin, or force fed chemicals in high, lethal doses.

Zhu Zhu said: “It breaks my heart to know that here in China, gentle animals such as rabbits are still suffering such pain just to test cosmetics. That’s why I’m proud to become a Be Cruelty-Free China Ambassador, to help spread the message of cosmetics with compassion. The Be Cruelty-Free campaign has already achieved so much around the world, with testing bans in Europe, Israel and India and countries such as the United States, Brazil and New Zealand all considering taking action thanks to Be Cruelty-Free campaigning. I want China to join them. Animals don’t need to die for our cosmetics industry.”

Below is a photo from the press conference where the poster campaign was unveiled:

zhu zhu

Zhu Zhu’s Video to End Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Zhu Zhu is incredibly brave; she’s the first Chinese celebrity ever to speak out about cosmetics animal testing.  That’s exactly what’s needed to create change – pressure from within China itself.  It has been proven that testing cosmetics on animals is not only cruel, but unreliable.  Using state-of-the-art science is  actually better for people; now everyone needs to accept non animal testing. Thanks to Zhu Zhu, this may now happen in China.

Click  here to view  Zhu Zhu’s video in English

Click here to view Zhu Zhu’s video in Chinese

Link to Humane Society International

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