Sunscreen For Dogs: Epi-Pet Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen for Dogs

I want to share the importance of sun protection for your pets, and write about a product that I have tested on my own two dogs, the Epi-Pet Sunscreen Spray. I reached out to Dr. Fleck, who is a Veterinarian, and the inventor of Epi-Pet products, to help me with this post about sunscreen for dogs.
sunscreen for dogs

Sunscreen for Dogs

Dr. Fleck told me that sadly skin cancers in canines are on the rise; so I thought it would very helpful to us fellow pet owners to learn about the importance of sunscreen for dogs.

“Three skin cancers, squamous and basal cell skin carcinomas and hemangiosarcomas, have been directly related to excessive UVA and UVB sun rays. There is some evidence showing that excessive sun may even convert benign tumors like hemangiomas to the more dangerous cancerous tumor hemangiosarcomas. In addition, with pets spending more time outside during the summer months, where the sun is more intense, sunburn or solar dermatitis occurs more times than not leading to other skin issues. The application of sunscreen for dogs is important to prevent both skin cancer and sunburn.”

Sunscreen for Dogs

Do not use people sunscreen on dogs!


Dr. Fleck wanted to me to let readers know that they should not be using sunscreen designed for people on their pets. He said, “all sunscreens are classified as drugs, even those that claim to be natural, and therefore, are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). All drugs or pharmaceuticals have a different criteria than cosmetic products in order to be marketed and sold. The products must demonstrate safety, efficacy and stability– while cosmetic products need not meet any of the above criteria except safety. I mention this because Epi-Pet Sunscreen Spray is the ONLY pet sunscreen that has met the FDA criteria for pet sunscreen.”


Sunscreen for Dogs Who Are Dark-Furred

I asked Dr. Fleck how his Epi-Pet Sunscreen would be helpful for my two dark-furred dogs. Below is a photo of my dogs, and Dr. Fleck’s response is below:
Moxie Reveiws dogs
Just as in people with thin body hair and light skin, pets with shorter hair and white or pink skin are more susceptible to both UVA and UVB sun rays resulting in a higher incidence of sunburn and skin cancer. But, even people with deeper skin tones and thicker body hair are also affected by excessive sun rays and are not immune from skin cancer and sunburn. Darker skin toned pets (dark-furred dogs) with thicker hair are also not immune from skin cancer and sunburn especially on the face, muzzle, ears, feet and lower abdomen in between the back legs.Essentially all breeds of pets, long and short haired-light or dark skinned that spend time in the sun need Epi-Pet sunscreen applied frequently and daily. There does appear to be canine breeds more sensitive to the sun rays and they include Boxers, Golden Retrievers, White Poodles, Chinese Crested, Dalmatians and Pitt Bull Terriers to mention a few, and all shaved down to the skin dogs. 

Sunscreen for Dogs with PABA?

In addition, I asked Dr. Fleck about PABA in sunscreens.
“To respond to your inquiry about PABA: PABA or para-aminobenzoic acid is a sunscreen active ingredient used in the first ever sunscreens made. It has been abandoned in most contemporary sunscreens because, after applied to the skin, up to 4% of the population reported adverse negative reactions.  PABA is found in many human sunscreens and some of the unauthorized pet sunscreens, and should be avoided.”
epi pet sunscreen for dogs

Epi-Pet Sunscreen for Dogs

In closing, obviously even though you have plenty of Epi-Pet Sunscreen on your dog, don’t forget that your dog needs shade and plenty of water!! Also, just as is advised for people, pets should be indoors, out of the sun, between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

Disclosure: I received the Epi-Pet Sunscreen for review. All links are for your convenience only.

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  1. Moxie, I really had no idea that dogs should wear sunscreen. I’m glad that you wrote about this as I’m sure I’m not the only one. Great invention from the Vet!!

  2. Your dogs are soooo adorable, Moxie!!! I have to admit I also had no idea that dogs needed sunscreen. Going to buy the Epi brand since it was invented by a Vet— trust them more than the big manufacturers! Thank you for a very informative post.

    • I’m sure that Dr. Fleck will be thrilled to read your comment. Thank you for the compliment on my beautiful dogs, and for letting me know that the post was helpful! xx

  3. I have 4 dogs and have never been told by my Vet about sun protection!! I’m glad that you’ve written about needing it. If I don’t win the Giveaway I see you’ve recently posted, I’m going to just buy the sunscreen– and also check out their other products. Thank you for great information!

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