Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Gift Set

Menaji Skincare

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a Dad, be sure to read my husband’s thoughts of the cruelty free Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Gift Set! I received this Set, and my husband and I worked on this review together. While I usually take my time testing skincare products, I want you to know that the only reason that I am rushing this is because I believe they’re great products, and I want to make sure you have time to order before Father’s Day!

Menaji Skincare

Keep reading to learn more about Menaji Skincare, and the Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Kit!

Menaji Skincare

Just a quick bit of background. Before I was even aware of the company, there was a recent article in the New York Times, “Looking for Cheaper Skin-Care Products? Borrow From the Men.” One of the brands mentioned was Menaji Skincare; also noted was the fact that… “products formulated for men appeal to many women, too. And men’s products often cost considerably less….” Menaji Skincare was founded in 2000 by celebrity make-up artist Michele Probst. It is sold in the USA and overseas, but not in China, so it is cruelty free! The line has anti-aging skincare and “undetectable” skin-tone true cosmetics.

So now you’ll learn why being offered a chance to review a skincare line for men was appealing to me.

Menaji Skincare

If you order the Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Gift Set, it will be packaged in a vintage, repurposed cigar box. I did not receive the cigar box, so my husband and I will be reviewing only the grooming products that are included in gift set. Menaji Skincare has included three of their best-selling products in the Father’s Day Kit, and they are being offered at a special price of $40. The price includes free shipping. 

Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Gift Set

The first product tried was the Menaji Skincare Clear Shave 3-in-1 Formula.

My husband’s first comment was that he’s always had to use water, so this would be interesting!

It’s a clear gel.  That’s great, my husband said, for someone with a beard, mustache, sideburns, etc. to be able to really see what you’re doing–even when you’re half-asleep in the morning. This is advertised as enabling sophisticated shaving – precise facial hair borders, and it succeeds! My husband doesn’t sport a beard or mustache, but was very pleased with the results of shaving with the Menaji product.

This is advertised with the fact that no water was needed, “maximum comfort, anti-stubble, anti-razor burn.” Yes, my husband successfully shaved without water, although the only time he could think that would be helpful is when you’re out of hot water or when you’re camping. He’s never had ingrown hairs, so he can’t speak to the fact on whether this would help (and he hasn’t used it long enough to really judge).

The airless pump did allow for good control of the amount of shaving gel being dispensed. While he didn’t think about the fact that this would prevent germs, he thought that was “cool.”

Great that the Menaji Skincare Clear Shave was a very convenient size of 30 ML, to meet air travel size requirements.

The second product received: the Power Hydrator Aftershave. My husband said he’s never had any irritation while shaving, but I had him try the moisturizer anyway! And you know what, I tried it, too! So, our combined comments are that it definitely is, as advertised, “lightweight,” and while I’m not sure I can convince him to use it everyday, I’m sure some other men (and women) definitely would use it on a daily basis. If men did have shaving irritation, I’m sure it would be very soothing for that. In addition, the formula has the added benefit of helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles!

The third, and last product received: the Menaji Lip Balm Agent. When he opened the cap, he could smell peppermint, but he felt it wasn’t overwheling. Did it apply smoothly? “Yes.”  While my hubby didn’t think about it, he liked the idea that it had SPF 15. Great for when you’re skiing, and need to protect your lips; also great for when it’s sunny and you don’t want to burn your lips! The Lip Balm Agent has peppermint, echinacea, and golden seal, to protect, soothe and nourish your lips. How often did my hubby reapply? He didn’t, but said that if he had chapped lips, he would have definitely reached for the Lip Balm!

There is no reason to buy skincare products from a company that tests on animals! Menaji Skincare is a great choice for the men in your life. Highly recommend!

Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Gift Set Link

Simply click on the link for the Menaji Skincare Father’s Day Gift Set.   Here are some phone numbers if you have further questions that my review may not have addressed.  Product Inquiry: 800-551-5067 and Shipping/Order Status: 800-551-5067.

Disclosure: Product provided for possible review. All links are for your convenience only.

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  1. Thank you for the post, Moxie. While I am not getting this kit for Father’s Day (have something else) I am certainly going to buy some products for my husband and me to try. I love the idea that you got your Hubby to do help with the review! There is no way that my hubs would ever shop for these products himself, so it’s great that you wrote about them so I could go and buy them! xo

  2. great review! I’ll have to try this!

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