Ani Michele Nail Lacquer

Ani MICHELE Nail Lacquer

Ani Sousamian is the founder and owner of Ani Michele Products LLC, better known as ani MICHELE on the beautiful lacquer bottles. Since early childhood, Ani has had a passion and infatuation for nail polish. However, the ani MICHELE lacquer is different from the “typical” polish you would purchase. First, yes, ani MICHELE is cruelty free, vegan, made in the United States, and five free of chemicals!

Do you know what lacquer that is 5 Free of Chemicals means? It means that all the polishes are not only made without the three common chemicals found in nail polishes (Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde), but also without two other dangerous chemicals (Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor). Hence, Ani’s nail laquers are free of these five chemicals.

Ani wants her lacquer to, “inspire, empower and compliment each women’s beauty and personality, inside and out.”

I received two ani MICHELE nail lacquers. The first I will show you is the shade Love Bug, an absolutely gorgeous shade of red. The inspiration? A lady, which, as Ani points out, puts a smile on your face.

ani michele

I love that Ani so strongly belives in staying positive and hoping for the best. She’s not all “talk,” though. Look on the bottom of each of the ani MICHELE bottles, and you will read the inspirational motto, “always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”  

ani michele

Ani MICHELE Nail Lacquer

I love the ani MICHELE polish. It was fast drying, and taking the photo after three days of wear, it’s long lasting, and has a fabulous glossy sheen. The photos I took are without any top coat at all! I do plan to add a top coat, but I wanted you to see the amazing shine without anything added.

So far, in addition to the beautiful shade and shine, I like the look and feel of the glass bottle, and the brush is just the right width for painting my fingernails.


Ani MICHELE Nail Lacquer

Ani wants her ani MICHELE polish to be a reminder to live a positive karmic lifestyle, feel good about yourself, and make a positive impact on those around you. I’m loving the Love Bug shade, and next week I’ll share another shade I received. Stay tuned! 

ani michele


Get your own ani MICHELE nail lacquer at the website, and see the other fabulous shades that are available.

Disclosure: I received the polish, but all links are for your convenience only.

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  1. Now that is a gorgeous red. Beautiful nails Moxie. I love all the good stuff about the polish. 💖 I’ll check out next week’s polish!

  2. LOVE that red on your nails. Can’t believe it’s vegan, too!! xo

  3. Gorgeous nails. Gorgeous shade of red! ❤

  4. Kimberley says:

    How do you get your nails so perfect? They are just perfect and look gorgeous with that lady bug red shade on them! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • I practice paiting my nails all the time. It’s very relaxing–in fact, the only part that isn’t relaxing is making sure I get great photos to show off just how gorgeous the polish is!! Thank you so much for leaving such very nice comments! xoxo

  5. Holy Smokes that is a great shade of red Moxie. In response to one of your comments above–you take great photos, so don’t worry. I will definitely need to check out the website and see what else I need to buy in addition to Love Bug! ♥

  6. Checked out the website, and I love the polish. Thank you for introducing me to them. I’ve never heard of them, and they have gorgeous shades Moxie!! xx

  7. How you find these companies is beyond me! I love the fact that it’s cruelty free and vegan. Thank you for the explanation about being free of. I saw a company with only 3 free and now I know that kind of sucks! LOL! 💓

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