Burberry Inspired Nail Art Using Inkk Nail Lacquers

Burberry Inspired Nail Art Using Inkk Nail Lacquers

Today’s Monday manicure is a Burberry Inspired Nail Art using Inkk Nail Lacquers. I like the Burberry print, but would never purchase from the company. They are not cruelty free as they sell their beauty products in China! In addition, they use real fur, etc.. Fortunately, you can do your own Burberry Inspired Nail Art using Inkk Nail Lacquers! Inkk is cruelty free, vegan, and five-free (of harmful chemicals). And, seriously, the Inkk Nail Lacquers are dirt cheap compared to anything that you might be (sadly) tempted to purchase from Burberry!

burberry inspired nail art

The gorgeous, large bottles hold 18ml of polish, and are made in the USA. Go to the Inkk website and you will see that you can make a custom nail lacquer. In addition, you can purchase one from the House of Inkk Collection. The two shades used in the Burberry Inspired Nail Art are Francesca, and another that I previously reviewed, Snow Shadow. Snow Shadow is from House of Inkk’s Winter Arctic Collection. The Winter Arctic Collection is limited edition, so it’s only available until December 16th, or until supplies last. 

burberry inspired nail art

Burberry Inspired Nail Art

Please note that I only used a top coat on my one nail (ring finger) for the Burberry Inspired Nail Art. My other nails are without a top coat, and you can see just how glossy the Inkk Francesca is! No matter what the conditions, the polish is gorgeous and easy to apply.  Yes, I did apply a top coat after the photos, so I would have so many more days without having to touch up my nails!

Here’s some good advice to remember whether you’re doing the Burberry Inspired Nail Art, or simply applying Inkk Polish. It’s from Harper’s Bazaar, 2015: “The main culprit behind chips and peels,” according to manicurist Deborah Lippmann, “is rushed, heavy-handed application. You absolutely must let each layer—base coat, first polish application, second polish application and top coat—dry completely before doing the next,” she says. “The solvents in the polish need no less than two minutes to evaporate and if you actually watch the nail for that period,” explains Lippmann, “you’ll see it go from having a really wet look to a dried-down, glassy look that means the solvents are gone. When you paint on your next coat before the layer before is fully dry, you get peeling in sheets,” she says. Part two of the problem is too-thick application: “You want each layer to be very thin—it’s okay if the first coat is streaky, you’ll cover that the next time.” 
So, I have to just add that my experience with Inkk Nail Lacquers is that the first coat is never streaky. Ever.

 Burberry Inspired Nail Art

Burberry Inspired Nail Art

Burberry Inspired Nail Art

For the photo above, I wrapped my black scarf around my fingers, because with the temperature outside reading 22°F, I decided to take this inside and simulate real life conditions!
If you haven’t tried any of the Inkk Lacquers, now is the time! The Winter Arctic Collection is discounted, and is limited edition.


Use this link for a mobile app to create custom Inkk Nail lacquers using a color spectrum or from a picture.

Disclosure: I received the Inkk Nail Lacquers for possible review from Ashley Morgan, the Creator and President of Inkk. All of the various links are for your convenience only. I do not profit from any purchase you make!

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  1. Always happy to check out your mani mondays! This red is beautiful! xx

  2. Totally gorgeous nail art. I love Francesca!!!!

    You know, I’m sure I’ve read people saying that their makeup is cruelty free, so I’m glad that you pointed out it can’t be since it’s sold in China!

  3. That nail art with Burberry is absolutely stunning! Yes, you’re right, it’s much cheaper than non cruelty free Burberry, and the polish shade is prettier anyway! >3

  4. This Buberry inspired design is so pretty! It looks so fancy! I love the vegan nailpolish ♡

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