Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel Review from Salma Hayek

Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel is cruelty free product with which I think you’ll be able to see a difference in your skin after you use it just a few times. This is not just some celebrity product that has a name slapped on it. This was inspired by Salma Hayek’s grandmother!

You only have to squeeze out a little bit of the Nuance Exfoliating Facial Gel and massage it onto your wet face in circular motions. Leave on for up to 5-6 minutes and then rinse with water or remove with a moist towel. I rinsed with warm water. Love the feel and smell of the product.
You do not need the amount of product I have photographed below to get a great exfoliation!
nuance exfoliating facial gel

Mario Badescu Skin Care Review: Solve Acne Problems!

Mario Badescu Skin Care is a cruelty free range first introduced in 1967 in New York.  Mario Badescu is named after the founder, Mario Badescu, a chemist and a cosmetologist, who developed his botanically-based skin care product line. The Skin Care line is designed to provide customers with a personal plan of their own customized treatment plan for beautiful and healthy skin.

Mario Badescu skin care line has continued with the original goal to have skin care products at great prices because he believed everybody deserves good skin care.

Mario Badescu skin care

Mario Badescu Regimens

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Skin Ally: A Pillowcase That Helps Acne

Skin Ally

Skin Ally claims that “perfect skin is just a dream away,” with their specially designed pillowcase. The Skin Ally pillowcase is scientifically formulated to help acne and promote better sleep!

You know that innocent looking pillow on your bed? It’s the cause of acne for teenagers, as well as many others, including adults.

Skin Ally

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Relogy natural skincare to clear up acne

What is Relogy?

Relogy,  pronounced,  rel-oh-jee, is a new skincare line that is formulated to clear up acne in two steps. Relogy is botanically-based, and the three products are 95-100% derived from natural ingredients; and they are benzoyl peroxide free. Relogy is also 100% vegan, which means that there are no animal by-products, and it is cruelty free. There is absolutely no animal testing, as certified by PETA.

Although I have not yet tested it, I wanted to bring this new skincare line to my readers attention as Relogy states that.. “It’s the easiest, fastest, most effective acne care treatment you can find. If you don’t agree, we’ll give you your money back!”


Relogy logo




How is Relogy different from other acne products on the market?

Relogy has products that are quick and easy to apply, as they know that adults are busy and want to spend as little time as they can treating their acne!

Relogy has a Dual Action Treatment Foam is different from other acne care products because it can be used just like a topical acne treatment, that does not require rinsing, or it can be used as a treatment cleanser, with rinsing.

Relogy also has active ingredients that are different than other acne care products. They are botanically based ingredients and have no harsh chemicals.

Relogy has a 100% Natural Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk, that is to prevent side effects, and keep your skin well hydrated and nourished.

Relogy also has a product for acne flare-ups, called the Targeted Spot Treatment, which has Seaweed Extract. This is a rollerball applicator and is very cooling.

The goal is to have your blemishes fade quickly and completely, and to do so as quickly as possible.

More information about Relogy:

Relogy has two steps, and there are three products. It is used once a day for acne prevention, and twice a day for those who have moderate to severe acne.

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Adult Acne

Unfortunately, your teenage years may not be the only time you suffer from acne. In fact, even if you did not have acne as a teenager, you may have it as a adult! The following skin care information was written by Stephen Strassler, President & Founder of Reviva Labs addressing that issue, and is being shared with his permission. 

Reviva Labs

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According to reports from Dermatologists, there is currently a tremendous rise of acne flare-ups in women 25 through 50 years of age … who never had the problem in the past. We won’t go into detail about the causes but suffice to say that P.M.S. and stress are two of the most common factors. 

How does Reviva Labs treatment approach differ from others? Typically, treatment involves “de-oiling” and “drying” with products ranging from harsh soaps, strong scrubs, mass-market medicated (drying) cosmetics … to antibiotics. 

For over 39 years, Reviva Labs has preached that the usual drug store approach to acne can cause intense drying of the skin and provides only short-term benefits. After drying-out blemishes, skin may appear satisfactory for a few weeks; but over-drying can cause oil glands to compensate by working harder, resulting in clogged pores and more “breakouts” 3 to 4 weeks later. This often causes the user to resort back to the drying products.  Again, short term improvement.  And so it goes. A vicious cycle. Reviva Labs Has A Different Approach.

We have always promoted a more gentle, “normalizing” approach.  We advocate anti-bacterial cleansing with our CAMPHOR CLEANSING MILK (#153) followed by CAMPHOR TONER (#154).  (These products should be used instead of the medicated soaps others urge.)  For those with acne-prone skin, deep pore cleansing is critical and it’s vital to maintain an acid balance; the CAMPHOR MILK & TONER is necessary to accomplish this.

Supplementary Cleansing … EXFOLIATION … So Important! …  The importance of proper exfoliation (“peeling”) for blemishes cannot be overstated. Each year Dermatologists stress more strongly the significance of removing sufficient dead, hardened skin cells to aid (normal) oil flow to the surface; and thus avoid blockage of pores. Hence, once or twice a week, our most important cleansing supplement in the blemished program is Reviva Labs LIGHT SKIN PEEL (#107). Unlike harsh or abrasive Peels, LIGHT SKIN PEEL is gentle enough for the most sensitive skins.  And beside its enzyme action in digesting dead cells, it aids cell metabolism.

Day & Night Treatment

In the morning, we recommend protecting your skin as well as helping to balance the oily condition with our GLYCOLIC ACID OILY SKIN CREAM (#209). It’s important to use a protective oil-free day time cream that helps the oily condition as it protects against dust, bacteria and pollutants.

At night, we recommend our unique OILY SKIN NIGHT CREAM (#315).  It helps clear skin as it works to normalize the oily condition. It doesn’t over-dry skin, but contains ingredients like zinc oxide to absorb excess oil … plus cod liver oil and thyme to fight blemishes as they also calm redness or irritation.


Pick 2 nights each week; use our MUD MASK (Oily Skin) (#452) one night. Second night, use our PROBLEM SKIN MASK (Blemished) (#449) to help draw-out the impurities and fight blemishes. These two treatments will add immeasurable success to your program.

Fun Fact On Internal Care …  Zinc is an important supplement in fighting adult acne.  Reducing stress is also helpful.  To achieve this, look for Vitamin B Complex or Brewer’s Yeast at your Health Food Store. But be careful to avoid iodides like iodized salt, kelp and sea salt … and multi-vitamins with high iodide level. Additionally, research has established that Vitamin A is the most significant single skin vitamin for Acne – but it is much more effective when combined with Vitamin D.

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