Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster Review

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Do you have very dry skin? If you do, please check out my review of the cruelty-free product, Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster, that I received.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

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My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer

My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer

Over a month of testing on my face, I can honestly write that My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer is the one to choose if you want to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin!

My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer

There are so many facial moisturizers on the market, but here’s why you should try this one. In addition to the fact that My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer is cruelty free, it’s also vegan. The My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer can be used on all skin types, as there are no harsh chemicals. The AHA (alpha hydroxy acid is 5%) will gently exfoliate your skin, and help to minimize the lines on your face. However, the AHA is sourced only from all natural fruit acids.  The tea extracts (green, white and red) help to heal skin and protect it from premature aging. The My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer has a very pleasant light berry grapefruit fragrance.

My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer

My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, GMO’s, petrochemicals, triclosan, gluten, mineral oil or animal products!

My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer

The My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All-Natural AHA Moisturizer has the texture of a serum, and was very hydrating for the patches of dry skin that I was experiencing as the winter was winding down here on the east coast. I used only My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer, and did not have to add any additional moisturizer to my face.  The lotion was very lightweight, and absorbed very quickly into my skin. I know that the moisturizer will last a long time, as I only needed one pump to cover my face. As per the directions, I kept the moisturizer away from my eyes.

My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All Natural AHA Moisturizer

Love the pump on the Moisturizer!

Final Thoughts on

My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free AHA Moisturizer

I used My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer for over a month, twice a day; once in the morning, and again in the evening, after washing my face. I had no adverse skin reactions, in fact, my face felt incredibly soft and smooth.  In addition to making sure you wear sunscreen, I would also highly recommend My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All Natural AHA Moisturizer as it helped my skin to look healthy and bright! It’s a winner, and Jen should be really proud to have her name on this cruelty free, vegan skincare product.

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At the time of this post the price for 3.6 oz/100 g is now marked down from $39.00 to an incredible bargain of only $15.60.

Disclosure: I received a sample of the moisturizer. I am never paid for reviews, and all links are for your convenience only.

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First Aid Beauty: Anti-Aging Skincare Review

A Cruelty Free, Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen from First Aid Beauty that I highly recommend! I will review reviews five products: face cleanser, facial radiance pads, eye cream, power serum, & face cream.

First Aid Beauty

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SELEXIR Peace Balm & Interview with Elena Herdieckerhoff

You should check out SELEXIR Peace Balm if you are looking for cruelty free skincare to soothe your irritated and sensitive skin, as well as your light to medium eczema!


SELEXIR is safe for use on adults and children. In fact, SELEXIR reports it is safe to use on babies starting at 3 months of age.

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Reviva Labs: Hydratating Night & Organic Antioxidant & Texturizing Day Cream

This month I am reviewing two creams from Reviva Labs: a day cream and a night cream. To get the most benefits, Reviva Labs has formulated the day cream, Organic Antioxidant & Texturizing Day Cream, to be supplemented by the night cream, Cream Hydrate. Both of the creams are, of course, cruelty free.

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Both of the products have an inner lid to keep the creams fresh.

First product: Reviva Labs, Organic Antioxidant & Texturizing Day Cream, 2 oz (55 g)

What’s so special about this? This is a day cream that is designed to give normal to dry skin moisture, and to soften it. You will be protecting your skin with Alpha Lipoic Acid, vitamins C, E, and Green Tea Antioxidant Complex. Certified organic oils (see below) and natural nutrients help fight past damage to your skin and help give your skin a healthy glow. Using this regularly also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients: Paraben free and No animal ingredients! That means it is Vegan!

Purified water, aloe vera gel (cert. organic), hybrid sunflower oil (cert. organic), vegetable glycerine, emulsifying wax N.F., octyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, sweet almond oil (cert. organic), cetyl alcohol, veg. squalene, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, green tea extract (cert. organic), cucumber extract (cert. organic), DL panthenol, allantoin, soy lecithin, hydrolized soy protein, vitamin A, vitamin D3, xanthan gum, jojoba oil, dimethicone, cocoa butter, rose essence, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid, lavender & ylang ylang & lemon & lime oils.

Directions: This is easy to use. In the morning, after you have washed your face, gently massage into your skin. Use alone, or under your make up.

This is a very lightweight cream and therefore, I was able to use it alone, or under my makeup with no problems. The only concern that one might have is when they read the list of ingredients and see that there is Dimethicone in it. I asked Mr. Strassler, the Founder and President of Reviva Labs, to comment on some of the controversy about the ingredient. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, Anna, at Reviva Labs, helped to put some information from Mr. Strassler about Dimethicone.

The second product to review this month is Cream Hydratante (Hydrating Night Cream)

It’s a very thick and creamy night cream that is applied at night. Mix with a little water in the palm of your hand, to thin  it out, and then apply to your clean face and throat.

Just a tip: I found that I had to experiment a bit when mixing the cream with water to get the proportion just right for my face. I also used the cream without adding water for my arms, legs, and hands, at night.

Ingredients: purified water, anhydrous lanolin, microcrystalline wax, vegetable oils, allantoin,, camomile extract, verbena extract, natural oil fragrance, hyaluronic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid

Benefits: It is for all slightly dry skin, or even oily skin with temporary surface dryness. In case you happen to forget a spot when applying sun protection during the day, this also can be used to soothe sunburns. The Cream Hydratante will soothe and calm irritated skin while you sleep!

Reviva Labs writes that, “…even oily skins with surface dryness (a common problem that most creams can’t answer because of the incorrect proportion and type of oil) will respond to this moisturizing cream.”

The night cream is terrific. It is so rich and made my skin incredibly soft; and I know I’m going to have so much left by the time that winter comes, since a little product goes a long way. This is a very hydrating cream that works, and is a great value. At the time of this post, the Cream Hydratante was on sale for $14.

Disclosure: I received the products for review. All links are for your convenience only.

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Mr. Strassler’s reply to concerns about Dimethicone:

“Compared to the “bad” reviews about silicones in tests injected into mice, (which is why Reviva Labs has never tested our products on animals) there is an abundant of positive safety reviews (including FDA) for silicones.  The fact is that the silicone molecule is too big to be absorbed; its function is on the skin surface. 

Dimethicone is an emollient. It is a silicone oil (derived from silica which occurs naturally in sand and rocks). According to an article in Prevention Magazine by Dr. Heidi Waldorf, she states that “for aging skin, silicone is one of the best things ever added to cosmetics and creams.  Products go on silky, stay smooth and seal in moisture. Look for Dimethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane on labels.”

The safety of silicone compounds is well established.  Their molecules are too big to physically enter past the upper layer of the cells. Thus, they are not absorbed through the skin. They offer their amazing benefits to the skin surface layer. 

A Report by A&E Connock (an international supplier of raw materials for the personal care industry) states that silicones appear in approximately 40% of all personal care products. “They have been responsible for many major advances in cosmetic preparations, improving both their efficacy and aesthetic properties and have led to many novel applications.”

And here’s what Paula Begoun, well-known ingredient critic and author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me” says about silicones hair (which also seems to relate to skin): “Silicone is superior for smoothing out any of the cuticle’s rough edges. Even more astonishing is silicones luxuriant, velvety texture. Silicone is capable of imparting the most wonderful, silky-smooth feel to the hair.”  “Research demonstrates its extraordinary safety.  I can’t imagine who could be allergic to these benign substances.”

The latter is from a critic who is normally negative to so many popular ingredients. Read her book and you’ll see.

There seems to be so much confusion among the public with regard to this matter. In summary, there are some marketers whose strategy in boosting their “natural” image is to attack various ingredients commonly used in competitive products. Reviva Labs feels that it is irrational to attack Dimethicone because it’s a chemically modified natural ingredient.”


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