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Swarovski Crystals

Mont Bleu is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic, and they produce, and then decorate, beautiful items with Swarovski Crystals. Mont Bleu has glass nail files, compact mirrors, a variety of cosmetic tools, and jewelry. Mont Bleu describes itself as being, “all about quality and beauty,” and that is no exaggeration! I’ve written about them previously, and here is the most recent post. All of the items received from Mont Bleu arrive packaged with a certificate of authenticity card.

certificate mont bleu

Swarovski Crystals and Mont Bleu Links:

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Check out the Website links:

http://www.czech-glass-nail-files.com/ and http://www.design-glassware.com

Wholesalers or retailers should use this link to order: czech-glass-nail-files.com 

I received several items from Mont Bleu, and here’s a photo of all of them:

mont bleu

The first item to share with you is: [Read more…]

Mont Bleu Beauty Products with Swarovski Crystals

Mont Bleu

Beauty products are obviously of interest to me. A beauty product with Swarovski Crystals…extra interesting, and gorgeous! Two of the three beauty products that were sent to me have them as an added decorative touch to the products. The Swarovski Crystals have a very unique light reflecting quality to them due to the unique amount of edges. Mont Bleu is a company whose glass nail files I have previously reviewed, and they have sent three beauty products for me to share with you today: a compact mirror, tweezers and a glass foot file.

Mont Bleu is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and they produce and decorate, their products with crystals from CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements. Check out the Mont Bleu online shop.

This is the amazing photo that Mont Bleu uses on Twitter (they spell it Mont Blue there).

mont bleu

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