Canadian Flag Nail Art with Inkk Nail Lacquer

Canadian Flag Nail Art

I promise that my Canadian Flag Nail Art has nothing to do with the recent United States Presidential Election. In fact, the Canada Red shade was customized by Ashley Morgan, the Creator and President of Inkk, before the election.

Knowing that Inkk Nail Lacquers hail from Canada (alhough they are made in the United States), I thought it would be a nice tribute to the company to do Canadian Flag Nail Art. However, I wasn’t sure which red from Inkk would be best. Although you see a variety of shades of red when you to a search for Canadian Flag Nail Art, the Inkk Canada Red Nail Lacquer is the correct one.

So, what’s the magic behind Ashley creating the exact red shade for the Canadian flag? She matched the red from the actual Canadian flag by using the tools on the Inkk website! Ashley downloaded a picture of the flag, loaded it into the Create Lacquers area of, and clicked the red color inside the flag. Then, she named the color and ordered it for me to try. Yes, it’s that easy for anyone wishing to create a custom color. Here’s a link to the post where I created my own Moxie shade!

I love the red shade, and knew that others would, too! Hence the Canadian Flag Nail Art post.

Canadian Flag Nail Art

Canadian Flag Nail Art

I was thinking of what I would wear if I were to take a trip to Canada.  It’s cold and snowing where I live (in Massachusetts). Therefore, pretty much what I’m wearing here, like nice warm, cozy sweaters, and mittens, I could just quickly pack in a suitcase, and head on over there.

No matter is you design your shade, or choose one from Inkk, it’s of course, the same quality; it’s easy to apply, and although you should wear a top coat for a lasting manicure, the Inkk shades are glossy without one.

canadian nail art

Canadian Flag Nail Art

The gorgeous 18ml bottles are 5-Free (of harmful chemicals), vegan, and cruelty free. I love that Inkk Nail Lacquers look as beautiful in the bottle, as on my nails! If you design a custom color, your package will be gold, just like the Inkk octopus tail on the bottle.  If you select one of the shades from the House of Inkk Collection the tail is silver, as is the package that it will arrive in.  canadian nail art

If you haven’t read any of my many past reviews, or purchased Inkk Nail Lacquer yet, you should know that Inkk is such an innovative nail polish brand. Inkk has cruelty free and vegan nail polishes that are five-free. Customers have the ability to make a custom nail lacquer, as the Canada Red for my Canadian flag nail art was, or to purchase one of the many that are on the website from the House of Inkk Collection. Many have specialized finishes, and be sure to order early, as there are also some limited edition collections!

Canadian Flag Nail Art

Canadian Flag Nail Art

Inkk Nail Lacquer specializes in customizable nail lacquer colors that you can name, and make straight from your phone or PC. Use this link for a mobile app to create custom Inkk Nail lacquers using a color spectrum or from a picture. As Inkk Nail Lacquer has stated, “Now is your chance to pull apart from the pack. Create Your Color Nail Lacquer today.”

Disclosure: I received the Inkk Nail Lacquer that I used for my Canadian Flag Nail Art for possible review. All of the various links are for your convenience only.

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