Katniss Braid Tutorial From Mockingjay Part 2

Katniss Braid Tutorial From Mockingjay Part 2

I’d like to share a Katniss Braid Tutorial from Mockingjay Part 2. Has anyone seen the movie yet? I’m waiting until the Thanksgiving break when my kids don’t have to worry about doing homework! So, even though this is a pretty straightforward hairstyle, the person who designed the tutorial, Wendy Rose Gould, suggests that if you want to recreate the Katniss braid tutorial, you may need hair extensions. However, if you don’t need to add length, just skip to step 3.
  Katniss Braid Tutorial 

If you need to apply cruelty free hair extensions, the first step is to prep you hair by applying a cruelty free hair serum.

The hair serum will tame your hair frizz and make it easier to not only manage, but it will also help create the same shine that many hair extensions have. That way it will blend a bit easier, too.

The second step is to add the hair extensions.

 Katniss Braid Tutorial

Step three is to move your hair to one side of your head.

 Katniss Braid Tutorial

Step 4: Part Your Hair

Simply part your hair down the center.

 Katniss Braid Tutorial

Step 5: Fishtail Braid

Now you need to make a fishtail braid (which Wendy Rose Gould promises is not difficult). Divide your hair into two sections, and then drag an outer piece of your hair from one section over to the other section. Pull that tight, and then repeat on the opposite side.

Continue pulling tight as your braid your hair, and then secure with a clear elastic.

All your hair should be draped to one side of your head, and if this is diffucult, use bobby pins. Pull out sections of hair so you have that“piece-y,” lived in look.

You can use a cruelty free texturizer, or more serum to get those strands. Also twist each of these pieces to keep them separated.

 Katniss Braid Tutorial Does it look as beautiful as the photo? Keep practicing!

Disclosure: This tutorial is from Latest-Hairstyles.com and Wendy Rose Gould

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