SANTE Nail Polish Review & Photos

SANTE Nail Polish

SANTE Nail Polish, which is not only cruelty free, but also vegan and gluten free, was sent for review. Every Sante Nail Polish is identified by number, located on the bottom of each 7 mL clear glass bottle. I have No. 01: French Clear, No. 02: French White, No. 15: red, and No. 20, an aubergine black. Here is a photo of all of the available Sante Nail Polish:

sante nail polish

Sante Nail Polish

Sante Nail Polish is excellent! I’m not a nail blogger and all of the polish that was sent was easy to work with. They are all, as advertised, very rich in color and very shiny before even applying a top coat. The polish is quick to dry, and lasted several days without having any chips. Sante points out that while their nail polish is not water based, (it’s a solvent base), it is made without Dibutyl Pthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde, colophony (rosin), synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances.

Keep reading to see the swatches!

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Keeki Pure and Simple: Cruelty Free and Vegan

Keeki Pure and Simple

Keeki Pure and Simple is not only a cruelty free company, but they are: vegan, gluten free, paraben free, petroleum free, and pthalate free!  This is an organic company that makes all of their products without  preservatives or any “un-natural substances.”

Keeki Pure and Simple

Keeki Pure and Simple Flirty Gift Pack

0.15 fl. oz. Flirty Shimmer Stick

0.5 fl. oz.Grape Soda Nail Polish

4 fl. oz. Keeki Non-toxic Nail Polish Remover

Read on to find out about the products!

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Londontown Nail Polish: Cruelty free and Vegan

Londontown nail polish was revamped from an inherited family remedy. The nail polish formula combines nail care science with the nourishing properties of Britain’s rapeseed flower oil, chamomile, cucumber and other essential oils and extracts.  All Londontown products are vegan, gluten free and cruelty free.

I received three products:


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Ellovi Butter: Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare Review

ellovi Butter

Everything about ellovi Butter is wonderful and luxurious. First, ellovi Butter is not only cruelty free, but also vegan and gluten free. In fact, ellovi Butter is made by hand in a gluten free facility in California!

The packaging is a 3.5 oz (104ml) eco-friendly glass jar; and I love that when you unscrew the jar, the product is covered with a foam insert to protect the product from leaking if it gets too hot during shipping.

ellovi butter

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Benecos Natural Powder Blush and Natural Eyeshadow


Benecos is 100% vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free! Benecos was founded in Germany in 2008, and their goal was to make high quality, natural cosmetics available to all. Benecos didn’t want affordable prices and high quality, natural cosmetics to be a contradiction! I have written about other Benecos products in previous posts: Benecos Nail Polish and True Beauty Box Cruelty Free Cosmetics & Skin Care

Today’s post is about two more of their excellent products: a blush and an eyeshadow. Both are extremely pigmented and considering they are certified as cruelty free and organic, I believe they are very fairly priced.


Benecos Natural Powder Blush

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