Burt’s Bees Lipsticks Review & Photos

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks were something that I had purchased before I was even asked to write this post. I love their cruelty free products, so I was very excited to try their new lipsticks! I’ll share with you lots of photos, and write about what I love about the new lipstick shades.

burt's bees lipstick

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

The first thing you’ll notice is the super cute honeycomb packaging. The tube is very lightweight, recyclable, and a little bit taller than a typical lipstick.

Burt's Bees Lipsticks

There are lots of reasons why I love the new Burt’s Bees Lipsticks; they are not only cruelty free, but also one hundred percent natural! Here are some of the natural ingredients in the lipsticks: vitamin E, beeswax, Moringa oil – an essential fatty acid to help soften and condition your lips – and raspberry seed oil.

I found that my lips felt like they were being covered in a formula that was very smooth and lightweight, yet thick with moisture. I couldn’t smell any distinct frgrance, nor detect any taste, and there was no stickiness! Also, as a working Mom, I don’t have time to keep reapplying my lip product, and I love that after only one application of the Burt’s Bees Lipsticks the smooth satin finish lasted several hours. I can believe the Burt’s Bees claim that the lipstick would provide up to eight hours, of moisture. Of course, that all depends on what you’re drinking and eating.  And, remember, no licking your lips if they feel dry. Apply more of the soothing lipstick! Even after my usual daily midmorning coffee break, my  rich, pigmented lipcolor, which in this case was Ruby Ripple, was still apparent.

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

swatch of the shade Ruby Ripple

Burt's Bees Lipsticks


The lipsticks come in fourteen shades, so there will most definitely be a color that is right for your skin tone and easy to match shades with your wardrobe, whatever the occassion. I like to wear some color on my lips, whether it’s to add polish to my makeup look, or simply add a pop of color when I’m doing weekend activities with my family. The new lipsticks allow me to do that, with the added bonus of being incredibly moisturizing for hours.

burt's bees lipsticks

Extra bonus points that the Burt’s Bees Lipsticks are easy to purchase in person; I purchased mine at Whole Foods. The Burt’s Bees website has a store locator, and if none of the many locations are easy to get to, you can also purchase online:  http://www.burtsbees.com/Lipstick/792850894402,default,pd.html.

I love that Burt’s Bees Lipsticks are a great combination of a 100% natural moisturizer for my lips with a rich color payoff. I definitely recommend you try at east one of the Burt’s Bees lipstick shades, because I agree with their tagline, “My lips look good and feel great.”

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

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Dragon Fruit Lipstick from Youngblood: Review & Swatches

Dragon Fruit Lipstick is one of the three new cruelty free products that Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics will have available on June 1, 2013.

 Dragon Fruit Lipstick

The Dragon Fruit Lipstick is 0.14 oz/4 g for $19.00 USD

Dragon Fruit Lipstick Swatch

Dragron Fruit Lipstick swatches

The Dragon Fruit Lipstick is a beautiful bright pink color, but it’s sheer, not shocking, and has some coral undertones.  The Dragon Fruit Lipstick color is for all skin tones and skin types.

Obviously, the Lipstick can be worn alone, but it also looks great paired with the Mighty Shiny Lip Gel in Flaunt, that will also be available on June 1.

Dragon Fruit Lipstick Ingredients

I love that Dragon Fruit Lipstick is lanolin free, petroleum free, and mineral oil free! The Dragon Fruit Lip formula contains natural oils, vitamins, and Candelilla wax, which help to keep my lips very soft, very creamy, and looking shiny and healthy–no dried out lips for summer, or anytime! As you would expect from the quality products that Youngblood always releases, the pigmentation of the Lipstick is wonderful. Yes, I did find it to be long lasting, and especially so when paired with the Lip Gel in Flaunt.

Dragon Fruit Lipstick and Flaunt Mighty Shiny Lip Gel

There are no cons, and I highly recommend that if you’ve got you’re sunscreen, Dragon Fruit Lipstick, and Flaunt Lip Gel, you’re ready to hit the beach!

Youngblood Flaunt and Dragon Fruit  Lipstick

By the way, do you know what Dragonfruit is, and what it looks like? Here’s a photo of the Pitaya, also called dragonfruit, and it comes from a pitaya cactus.

dragon fruit

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Milani: Naturals & Browns Lipstick & Lipliner Review

Milani has a very exciting launch of the next generation of lipsticks and lipliners, and it’s called Color Statement. I have written about them in previous posts:

Milani Cosmetics New Lipsticks & Lipliners

Milani Cosmetics Lipstick & Lipliner Shades in Pinks & Corals

Now I have the Naturals and Browns to share with you, and each is $5.49.

Milani Cosmetics




 Check out the swatches!  [Read more…]

Milani Cosmetics New Lipsticks & Lipliners

 New from Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics has some new items that I’m excited to tell you about. Milani now has new Color Statement Lipsticks and Lipliners! I received the oranges and reds to review.

Milani Cosmetics



Milani Cosmetics


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Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipsticks

Milani Cosmetics advertising is true to its word. The new Color Statement Lipsticks are very pigmented and provide “True Instant Color…in One stroke, full coverage application.”

I love that all of the Milani Lipsticks have a seal across the opening so you know that they have not been tampered with. Sad, but I do think of these things!

All of the lipsticks are very creamy, owing to the fact that they contain Vitamins A, C, & E.  Even the one matte, in Best Red, still went on very smoothly, and was, in my opinion, not what I think of as a “typical” matte finish– a finish that I usually associate with being dry. I think even in the swatch for Best Red, you can see that it doesn’t look dry at all.

In addition to, of course, being cruelty free, they are also, paraben-free. Each lipstick is only $5.49/ net weights: 0.14 ounces / 3.97 grams; and as they are high quality, they are a real bargain at that price point! There are thirty colors in total, so check the Website for other choices.

Milani Cosmetics

The Milani Lipsticks are available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish.

Sweet Nectar is a creamy orange

Orange-Gina is an orange bronze pearl

High Voltage is a red orange vinyl

Red Label is a very bright red cream

Cherry Crave is a red pearl-metallic

Best Red is a true matte red

Ruby Valentine is a deep red-vinyl

I was able to wear these colors for a full five hours before I noticed that I should either do a touch-up or I should have a snack as my tummy was growling!  I would most definitely recommend that you wear the New Color Statement Lipliners with the red colors.

The only con I can find is that while I found that the watermelon taste and smell was to my liking, not everyone will agree.

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipliners

The Milani lipliner is paraben free, and super creamy! It is used to line and fill in your lips to extend the wear of your lipstick and keep it from feathering. It is so long-wearing that even when the lipstick had faded, you could still see the outline, so simply experiment as to how much you should apply to put it on your lips.

The lipliners are a great price: $3.99. (There are eight lipliners all together, so check the Website for more colors)


Milani Cosmetics


A tip from Milani Cosmetics:

“To outline your lips, make an X on the center of your upper lip (lip cleavage). Following the contour of your mouth, start from the outer edges of your lips and work your way towards center of your upper lip (where the x is marked). This will prevent from making one arch higher, pointier or rounder than the other.”


Milani Cosmetics

 Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics Duo Sharpener

Sold separately (for $3.99) will sharpen jumbo and slim pencils without breaking them!   The liners are so creamy, and you want to make sure that you carefully sharpen them. Don’t forget to keep the sharpener clean, too.

Milani duo sharpener

All of the Milani Cosmetics products are found on their Website, and at Walgreens, Target, CVS, and others.


Disclosure: I received the products for review. All links are for your convenience only.

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