Eco Tools Kabuki Brush: Cruelty Free and Retractable

Eco Tools Kabuki Brush

Eco Tools has great cruelty free brushes. I previously wrote a Guest Post on my friend’s blog about the Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone.

Eco Tools was founded in 2008 with their cosmetic brushes.  Eco Tools has cosmetic bags, bath tools, and bath and body care.  The eco-conscious company has earth-friendly materials and natural ingredients.

I picked up this Kabuki brush for use when I travel, and it’s been terrific.

You can use the Kabuki for so many things! You can apply powder, your blush, your bronzer, and you can add shimmer to your body.

eco tools

One of the things that makes the Eco Tools Kabuki brush different is that while most kabuki brushes are short and squat, making for a very short brush, the Eco Tools one is longer and is retractable. This makes it ideal for travel, or putting in your purse for a quick touch up since it takes up so little room and, with a cap to cover it, makes it hygienic.  You may also use the eco friendly pouch to carry it around.

eco tools


Here’s the Eco Tools brush prior to being open. Simply take off the cap and..

eco tools

turn the handle. Here’s the full size of the brush.

eco toolsThis brush has not shed in the almost two months that I have owned it.

eco tools

Eco Tools have brushes with very soft bristles, and the Kabuki brush is no exception. The amount of bristles used to make the Kabuki brush makes it nice and dense.

While you’re doing your Holiday shopping, you should consider this as a great stocking stuffer. It’s only $7.99!!

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