Nail Butter Nail Treatment Review

Nail Butter

I’m always on the lookout for hand and nail treatments for my sensitive skin, and being able to try Nail Butter, a cult-classic and cruelty free nail treatment, was a great experience!

Below is a photo of what the jar of Nail Butter looks like. The product is in a 10 ounce frosted glass jar that is heavy duty enough to have survived me (twice) dropping it! I love the polka dots on the lid, and the pretty pink Nail Butter logo.

nail butter

Nail Butter is available in one of two scents, Gardenia, and the one that I was sent, Lemongrass.

Here’s a statement that Nail Butter makes on their website: “This handmade all natural nail treatment will heal and strengthen your nails and cuticles in just days.” My main goals were to try Nail Butter for at least six weeks to find out if it would really start to work in “just days.” and determine how effective it was for me.

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ZOYA Nail Art & Review for a Mystery Box!


I used Zoya, a cruelty free and vegan nail polish for my Monday manicure. I purchased a “mystery trio box” from Zoya; so all I knew was that there would be three mini bottles of nail polish, and would feature “never before seen or sold color.” There would also be a surprise included. More on that later in the post.

I was a little nervous, but figured that it would be a good challenge to try to quickly figure out what to do for nail art–whether I liked the shades–or not! Fortunately, Zoya knew what they were doing, and packed three beautiful shades that I had no trouble using together. If you’ve ever read my blog, you know that I was extra happy since my favorite shade is purple!


From left to right are: Violet, Marion, and Temperance. As advertised, these shades have never been released!


Let me back it up just a bit. I want you to see how the outer shipping box arrived. Although it was ridiculously crushed, the polish was packed so well, there was no damaage at all! Thank you to ZOYA for knowing how to pack in case of a disaster–like mine!



Keep reading to see my nail art, and read my review!

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Cruelty Free Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

A loose glitter nail art tutorial using only cruelty free products? That was my hope, but I had no idea how to do that, and exactly what cruelty free products I should even purchase; so I headed to Sally Beauty to get the supplies. After explaining what I wanted to accomplish, I was not only shown all the materials I needed, but I also received a tutorial from my new best friend, Christina A., a Certified Cosmetologist,

  Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply any Sally Girl pink nail polish color to the whole nail. Make sure to let your nails dry!

 Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 2: Use tape, or freehand, to create a french tip in a black nail polish color. Use any cruelty free black (this one in the photo was FingerPaints in Black Expressionism).

Loose glitter nail art tutorial

Step 3: Make sure to let the nail polish dry completely.

Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 4: Apply a clear coat of nail polish across the edge of the black line, and then before it dries…

Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 5: Roll it in the loose glitter of your choice. That’s so the glitter sticks to the polish! Now let dry. 

Loose Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

You’re almost finished!

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Mont Bleu Beauty Products with Swarovski Crystals

Mont Bleu

Beauty products are obviously of interest to me. A beauty product with Swarovski Crystals…extra interesting, and gorgeous! Two of the three beauty products that were sent to me have them as an added decorative touch to the products. The Swarovski Crystals have a very unique light reflecting quality to them due to the unique amount of edges. Mont Bleu is a company whose glass nail files I have previously reviewed, and they have sent three beauty products for me to share with you today: a compact mirror, tweezers and a glass foot file.

Mont Bleu is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and they produce and decorate, their products with crystals from CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements. Check out the Mont Bleu online shop.

This is the amazing photo that Mont Bleu uses on Twitter (they spell it Mont Blue there).

mont bleu

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