Shimmer Blush Recipe: Comp Chick’s Guide DIY Beauty

Shimmer Blush Recipe

The Shimmer Blush Recipe is being reprinted on Moxie Reviews with special permission from the publisher of Sunny Subramanian’s beautiful book, The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty: 125 Recipes for Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free Makeup, Skin and Hair Care Products.

Sunny was the very first vegan beauty blogger to make a name for herself. In addition to being a super mom, and now an author, she’s also been a very kind person to yours truly…way back, when I first started 5 years ago! Because of that willingness to help a blogger out, Sunny made sure that I received a complimentary copy of her above mentioned book. The shimmer blush recipe is one of the 125 recipes in the book. I’ve done a several posts including a full review of the book, and then tried a few of the easy to follow recipes: Pore Shrinking Basil Toner and a Strawberry Natural Tooth Recipe.  
 shimmer blush recipe

Shimmer Blush Recipe

Now, it’s time to share the (obviously) vegan shimmer blush recipe from the expert herself, Sunny! 
“It’s time to talk about your sweet cheeks (the ones upstairs, not your hindquarters). Using blush is a fabulous way to appear youthful and healthy, and this natural option rocks at rosying up your complexion” 
The shimmer blush recipe is best for: ♥ all skin types
shimmer blush recipe

Top Tip: Make sure your beet root powder is super-duper finely ground, and then grind it some more in a blender. The finer it is, the better it’ll adhere to your skin.

Superstar ingredient: 
Beets contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Red beets also contain a pigment called betanin, which gives them their bright magenta coloring. In addition to using beet root powder to make blush, you can also use it as natural food coloring.

  • Makeup sifter jar

1 tsp        finely ground beet root powder, alkanet root powder or 
hibiscus flower powder 5 mL

1⁄2 tsp     arrowroot powder                          2 mL

1⁄4 tsp     unsweetened cocoa powder        1 mL

Pinch       gold mica powder                         Pinch

3 to 5       drops lavender essential oil        3 to 5

  1. Pour beet root powder into a small bowl. Whisk in arrowroot powder and cocoa powder, a little at a time, until desired shade is achieved. Discard any remaining arrowroot powder and cocoa powder.
  2. Whisk in mica powder and lavender essential oil until well combined. Pour into jar.
  3. Sprinkle blush onto a fluffy blush brush and apply to cheeks.
  4. Store at room temperature for up to 6 months.

Variation of Shimmer Blush Recipe–Matte Blush: Omit gold mica for 
a matte finish.

Shimmer Blush Recipe

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Disclosure: I received the book for possible review. All links are for your convenience only. Reprinted with permission from Robert Rose.

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